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Sep. 8th, 2011 02:19 pm
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Just to update y'all on what I'm watching right now and 'cos it's been a while since I made a tv post. XD

Lost Girl 2x01 )

Doctor Who 6x09 (not the squee you are looking for) )

Breaking Bad 4x08 )

Damages 4x08 )

Sons of Anarchy 4x01 )
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Hope everyone on the East Coast is safe and survived the storming! It wasn't bad where I am, we actually had a worse storm a couple weeks ago--or at least one that kept us out of power longer than Irene did. I think we were spared the worst because I was actually prepared this time. And by prepared I mean there were flashlights and booze. But I'm thankful it wasn't too serious here and I hope no one was hit too hard.

+ Watched Doctor Who this weekend and I...I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it. (But if you want to talk about it I will in the comments--I just don't have much good to say, might expand on that and/or link to some reviews I liked later).

+ I have a bluray rip of Thor and everything is fluffy and nothing hurts. There was this blog post by my homeboy Greg Rucka going around this weekend, about how gritty and dark and grey~ doesn't always mean smart or mature storytelling, tying into why recent DC comics movies underperform (with the obvious exception of BB/TDK) whilst Marvel comics movies keep kicking DC's ass.

Which is to say, Thor on bluray is everything good in this world.

+ The longer I go without a Pottermore email, the more I care about it. I wasn't prepared for this. I JUST WANT TO BE SORTED.

+ I was wondering if I could trouble you guys for Big Bang recs or links to reclists. Any Big Bang, I don't even care, but bonus points for ladies. *g* I'm in the mood to read some long fic. First on my list is the ones you guys have written, I've been bookmarking!
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+ My holiday was pretty great. Food and family and wine and meeting, then awkwardly holding, my 20-day-old niece. SO TINY AND SQUIRMY OMG. I love babies, especially if they're related to me, but I don't know if I have vast stores of maternal instinct, lol.

She's the cutest though. ♥ Hope everyone had a good holiday. Despite being on the East Coast the brunt of yesterday's storm missed me, but I hope everyone who got hit is home safe and warm or traveling safely. <3

+ I watched the DW Christmas special, which was spoilers )

+ Two movies I watched over the holidays: True Grit and Black Swan. Brief thoughts:

Black Swan spoilers )

True Grit spoilers )

+ Everyone's making end-of-year lists! I never have before, but if I find the time I kind of want to put together a 2010 music post of some sort. Or perhaps a post about the TV I loved. There was a lot of TV. More on this later.

+ And oh man, sometime soon I need to talk to you guys about kdramas. Tumblr has made me start watching You're Beautiful and Secret Garden and hommmmg. *____*
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GUYS I'm watching the election results and the results in PA are too close to call atm (hold me), and I'm trying not to cry/throw up over Rand Paul (RAND PAUL) being elected in Kentucky and Marco Fucking Rubio being elected in FL, sooooo.... idk have some music?

Doctor Who Series 5 Soundtrack by Murray Gold

It's SO GOOD, in that way of great TV scores that call back the best moments of the series. As an ALBUM it could probably use some editing -- it has 60something tracks and they're all over the place; literally every clip of score that was ever used in the episodes, lol. But there are about 10-12 tracks that make the whole thing worth it.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 OST by Alexandre Desplat

OMG I LOVE IT. It's dark and so much more mature than the previous scores; even the more whimsical bits feel heavier. And there's some seriously beautiful, moving tracks in the bunch. I think the Prisoner of Azkaban score might be my favorite still, but this is up there.


...In other news, I am still a little bit in love with Rachel Maddow.
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+ Sigh. Not really getting comment notifications at all, so I'm really sorry for failing to reply to things. I've got to remember to manually check posts I've made/been in.

+ So Avatar opened and it SUCKS. (Not that I've seen it, but every. single. review I've read concurs that it's a total disaster on every level, even beyond the racism and sexism.) I wish the actors the best in their future endeavors but guys, I feel so perversely gleeful reading those reviews. And sad at the same time, because I knew there was fail, but I didn't realise how many cool characters were cut (Jun, Teo, Suki/the Kyoshi for example), and how little agency female characters were given compared to the series. How little agency ANY marginalized group was given compared to the series.

THAT SAID, M Night Shyamalan specifically is getting heavily scapegoated here and it's not right, for a lot of reasons. I don't like the guy or anything he chooses to be, but the responsibility for this film's fail hardly starts with him. It's reflective of a problem in Hollywood and society as a whole. [ profile] glockgal has some excellent thoughts on this here. Glock, and, have been utterly amazing through this whole thing. ♥

Anyway, next Friday [ profile] bratkartoffel, [ profile] cloverdew and I are watching series one all day. GOOD TIMES. And I made a picspam on tumblr to make myself feel better. So I'm good.

+ Changing tack, [ profile] zahrawithaz has written some Doctor Who gender meta that I thought was pretty smart: On Sexualizing Amy Pond. Because it is both possible and preferable to unpack gender issues in media without tearing down the characters themselves.

+ I'm officially on staycation! Left work early today, and the holiday weekend should be gorgeous weather-wise, if a bit hot. Looking forward to getting out and enjoying it.

If any of you USians are traveling, I hope you have a safe trip!
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+ I'm probably the last person on my f-list to post about the DH trailer, but yeah, I watched the DH trailer! And it was amazing! I nearly cried.

I realise canon's been closed for almost three years now, but after the last films come out, it's really over when it comes to new material. Kind of hard to process. HP was my first real fandom and even though I've been into a lot of different things lately, it's my one true fandom -- the biggest, best, most immersive I've been involved in before or since. I've met so many of you through it. ♥ I doubt I'll ever find a fandom that's quite like it - both the good and the bad.

BUT DID I MENTION THE TRAILER IS AMAZING. Confession: I liked DH -- loved it, actually. Not unreservedly, but overall. I say that as someone who doesn't even ship the canon pairings. To me it was a love letter to the Trio, to me that's as it should be, and if the movie comes anywhere close I doubt I'll be able to get through it without sobbing.

+ Is this real life? EXCUSE ME RTD WTF ARE YOU DOING. I can't describe how much I hate the idea of Americanizing Doctor Who, or of inserting some movie-verse Doctor into things when the franchise is still going strong. Please let it be a hoax.

+ Via Flora, Five More Fictional Beings Bella Swan Should Fall Madly In Love With.

+ I'm taking vacation time next week! Friday's my last day. Including the holiday and weekends, I'll have a total of ten days off to chill, see friends, and get stuff done. Unfortunately I'm too broke to go anywhere far, but stay-cations can be good.

I hope y'all are having a good week! Hugs to everyone who needs one. ♥
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In which I belatedly expand on those exclamation points, after spamming the frak out of tumblr:

spoilers )
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There is crucial soccerball in 20 minutes so coherency will have to wait. Possibly until after a rewatch. (Assuming I will ever reach the point of coherency, but let's not worry about that.)



disclaimer: exclamation points not intended to convey happiness, sadness, or any other spoilery emotion, but spoilers may crop up in the comments should anyone prove more coherent than me. (Likely.)
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spoilers )
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Still no Bingley. My day has consisted of walking around outside, coming back in, doing stuff for a while, then going back outside. And I called the SPCA shelter near me to leave my info in case anyone drops him there. auuuuuugh

Somewhere in there, I watched Doctor Who. I don't have much in the way of a full review but brief )
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+ Fridayfridayfridayfriday. FRIDAY. Looking forward to the weekend. It's been a weird week and I've been a bit cranky, but today I am good. Work's going well (not always a given), Plans to hang with [ profile] cloverdew and [ profile] the_rainbow_jen next weekend -- good times!

Random links and shiz:

+ 'notha Who post I've seen linked around, because there can never be too many Who posts: On disliking female characters, displays of compassion, standards and feminism by [ profile] misscam. I like this one in particular because it manages not to talk down any of the other new Who companions. Apparently there's more than one way to be a strong female character say whaaaaaat.

+ Relatedly, comms I have found to replace [ profile] doctorwho on my reading list: [ profile] pond_life and [ profile] doctoreleven. Sorted!

+ Merlin characters cartoon/chibi-ized by [ profile] felix_aeternus. Beware of extreme cute. No, seriously. Still grinning.

+ Lastly, have a photo of Dustin Hoffman and Jason Bateman kissing at the Lakers game.


How are you guys? Hope you've had a good week. ♥


Jun. 2nd, 2010 09:35 am
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+ Watched Glee last night and it was such a mess I don't know where to start.

+ I don't know what to say about Doctor Who either - I'm not as in love with this season as I was with the first five episodes, and while I'm still very interested to see what happens with the overarching plot and there are still some very cool moments, my sense of connection with the characters is slipping and the latest episode got on my nerves. Maybe the next Moffat-written episode will cure me?

Speaking of Who, that fandom is the worst. I mean, I already knew that from how they've slagged off on other companions, but the haterade getting dumped on Amy Pond is RIDICULOUS. And for the dumbest reasons. I've got my issues with the season and even when it comes to Amy (whom I still love), but they have nothing to do with her skirt or her job or her sexual assertiveness. What fucking decade are we in, here? Luckily, I don't have to see most of it unless I read over at [ profile] doctorwho. (I don't recommend it.)

Anyway, [personal profile] such_heights linked to some posts that I liked:

[ profile] calapine writes about the awesome older female characters we've had this season.
[personal profile] jaythenerdkid talks about why Amy isn't a sexist character.

Moffat's made some decisions this season when it comes to gender that have bothered me, but Amy isn't one of them. To say nothing of the irony that is railing against perceived misogyny... by being an actual misogynist. Not that this is at all new, and can every fandom just take a break for like two days or something, I mean damn.
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... I dunno. I haven't felt like posting about this ep till now -- most of this is bleeding over from what I was saying in Mia's post a little bit ago, and follows what I've been thinking since last week as well.

spoilers were just starting to get used to the hair )
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Doctor Who 5x06, Vampires of Venice - that was pretty good!

spoilers are sensing a theme )
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+ So for the foreseeable future I am unable to access LJ or Tumblr at work. I COULD WEEP. I'm going to have to stop following a lot of blogs or start filtering more so it doesn't take me insanely long to get caught up in the evenings. I can read both on my iPhone but that can be a pain.

DW is still up though! But I don't have things set up to where I can read all my LJ stuff over here.

+ I'm through season 3 of my Doctor Who watch/rewatch, and guys, I reallyreallyreally love Martha. More than I remember. I hate how the show/the Doctor treated her, but at the end of the day she had the best resolution of any of the New!companions so far.

Also, I'm thinking of interrupting the rewatch with Torchwood, which I haven't seen at all. Is Torchwood a good life choice?

+ I'm nervous for you guys in the UK, and watching for election results. [personal profile] woldy has a great post on why to vote.

Who 5x05

May. 1st, 2010 06:56 pm
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That was effing unbelievable.

brief post is brief )
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spoilers take the image of an angel )

In other news I am in the process of uploading tons more Who icons, JUST BECAUSE I CAN. *\o/*
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First off, Sonoma County CA separates elderly gay couple and sells their home. I don't even, you guys. There are no words. More on what you can do at the link.

+++ So this morning I checked my f-list and had to skip 400 before I was caught up. That's RIDICULOUS, you guys. It's not your entries that are the problem so much as communities and feeds, so I did some trimming of those. Definitely not enough, but I'll worry about that later. Anyway, that means I opened up that long ticky-box list and removed things that way and it's possible I made some mistakes. Since I'm not actually planning on removing any LJ accounts that aren't dead, if I did remove yours by accident, it WAS an accident, and please to let me know so I can re-add you. ♥

+++ There will be True Blood webisodes starting next month, and season 2 is available for pre-order. *\o/*

+++ I am really loving Treme. :D

+++ I haven't been reading much fic lately, which feels weird (and means my 'to-read' tag on Delicious is MASSIVE again). I'll get to it eventually. *g* I've been reading actual books though. Currently reading The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner, which is second in a series that is pretty damn entertaining at the moment. In other news, I love my Kindle.

+++ Are people really whining about Amy's minskirts? Because I hope people aren't really whining about Amy's miniskirts. But I read some things that indicate people are really whining about Amy's miniskirts, and that doesn't even compute.

That's all I got. I hope everyone's weeks are off to a good start!
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spoilers )
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This is a bit of a test post, to see if the Dreamwidth link thing shows up at the bottom of my LJ posts. I've been crossposting for damn near a year now but for some reason I haven't been linking from LJ (I think I was afraid it would disable LJ comments or something, but nope). Anyway, it was easy, instructions are here. Thanks, [personal profile] sophinisba!


But while I'm here, some assorted things!

+++ Angel and her hair on the Merlin set. IT'S STARTING :D :D :D More photos here - but they do contain some character spoilers.

+++ Apparently, Matt Smith wrote fic about the Doctor to prepare himself for the role. As if I needed more hearts in my eyes.

I haven't watched the Confidentials yet, half-because I feel I will come away from them shipping Matt and Karen helplessly. Dunno why I'm resisting.

Meanwhile I've been working through my feelings on the most recent episode by making picspams and posting them to my tumblr. Not sure if I'm done yet; there were a lot of feelings. Loving Who again, you guys. Things is strange.

+++ Interesting discussion on 'Mary Sues' in fandom recently. I really like this post, and this one, which has links to other posts.

I'm pretty allergic to the term myself. But there's good discussion to be had.

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