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Trying to discuss the health care bill on Twitter, 140 characters at a time, with folks who don't appear to even know what's in the bill, is generally not advisable. It only leads to headdesking.

That is all.
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Twitter is blowing up with news of tear gas, water cannons, and shootings in Tehran, at today's demonstrations. This is what the protesters are dealing with now.

Watch the #iranelection, #iranelections, and #gr88 hashtags if you're on Twitter, and be careful, not everything is reliable.

Don't trust any news coming exclusively from Iranian government/state TV -- not even if you see those reports repeated on CNN. Until it's verified by an independent source, it's possible that the government is fabricating some stories to justify a harsher crackdown on the demonstrations and incite anger against the protesters.

Reliable Twitters at this time are:
  • @ProtesterHelp
  • @Change_for_Iran
  • @persiankiwi
  • @voairan

  • @AnnCurry of NBC is doing really good work. Her twitter's been useful and reliable.

    CNN is... still disappointing but it'll do in a pinch (to be fair it's difficult for them to report live from this) -- if you can catch the BBC or Al Jazeera you're a little better off.

    Huffington Post is liveblogging the uprising here.

    New York Times is liveblogging it here.

    Andrew Sullivan is still liveblogging it and doing some of the best work I've seen from an individual blogger.

    [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political's latest live thread is here.

    You can see video at most of these sources.

    ETA: Google Translate has just added Persian (Farsi) to their service. You can use it to translate text that you may find at websites and on Twitter to English.

    Please keep the protesters in your thoughts/prayers. I'm in awe. Many of them are so young, and they're so much braver than I could ever be.

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    When it comes to reporting on the situation in Iran, cable news fails on an epic scale. It's not all mainstream media; PBS and NPR are doing really good work and there are journalists there now risking their lives to report on this. But when cable news is bothering to report on this at all, they (and many politicians) are making it about the US and our interests and where we might be of influence over there, which is so unbelievably NOT what this is about. This is about the people of Iran determining their own future.

    Anyway. I'm not going to remark too much on it because I don't want to put my foot in my mouth about anything; I think it's more important to listen and watch. But I thought I'd share some links as I've had my eye on this all weekend:

    Iran's Stolen Election - some context for the situation, with analysis.

    Andrew Sullivan's blog - he's been speaking a lot of truth and reposting a lot of videos from the protests, and sharing links from all over the blogosphere, which is mostly where the bulk of news can be found.

    Pictures from Iran. And also here, via Time.

    Twitters I've been watching. Many of the people tweeting from there are my age and younger. Just college students.

  • @Stop Ahmadi
  • @Change_For_Iran
  • @IranRiggedElect
  • @TehranBureau
  • @IranElection09
  • @persiankiwi

  • Twitter has been invaluable btw, since SMS, internet service, and general cell phone service have been blocked inside Iran. I've even heard that Twitter's being monitored by the government to block the proxy IP addresses that many were posting there over the weekend for Iranians to use. If you want to help and know how, you can set up proxy servers and direct message the IP addresses to @persiankiwi or @StopAhmadi -- but DON'T tweet them publicly or they'll just be jammed.

    In many respects, Twitter is all they've got.

    And this is what it's good for, the next time anyone asks.

    Also: well done, tptb at Twitter, for rescheduling the planned downtime so that people inside Iran can continue to communicate with the outside world and with each other.


    Mar. 8th, 2009 10:22 am
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    From 'Darth Vader's Twitter:

    Was scheduled to destroy a small rebel enclave this morning but I overslept. Internal chronometer didn't reset. R&D will pay dearly.

    Made even more amusing to me by the fact that I totally forgot about Daylight Savings, too.

    And oh man, wish me luck. So much writing to do today.
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    Tomorrow, LJ goes away. From about 11am Eastern to, um ... not sure for how long. Four hours, at least. And they'll phase it in, when it comes back, so that not everything will be available right away.

    I won't whine and wish that the LJ folks could just come in the middle of the night to do their thing. That would be immature. >_>

    So. Fun times. XD Anyhow, I'll probably be Twittering more than usual, so feel free to join me over there, and InsaneJournal should be quite busy, so I'll be poking around there as well.

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    • 08:44 @thelisa I have no coworkers within 30 MILES of me. :P No carpools for Heather. #
    • 08:51 Admiring my shiny new Joe background, which is my favorite part of this new Twitter thing. #
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