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Genderswapped Star Trek! I want the rest of this movie in my eyeballs.

(The embed's not showing up for me on DW (though it does show up on LJ) so here's a link if y'all can't see it.)

There's no reason why we shouldn't or couldn't have more of this for real.

(Also hi, hi, hi everyone <3)
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+ The Vag Fest is back! Girl-centric, het and femslash only, any fandom. I haven't had time to read, write, or even leave prompts for it yet, but I'll get to it. :P

+ [livejournal.com profile] blackmamba_esq made an Angel Coulby comm! [livejournal.com profile] angel_coulby. I hadn't realised until now how sad I was that everyone in the cast had one but her. ♥

+ And while I'm pimping, [livejournal.com profile] beyond_camelot. Because everyone needs to write fic about Aglain now. Oh right, and obscure Arthurian characters that need to be Merlinized. (One day I will let the Colin Salmon thing go. Today is not that day.)

+ LOLtastic review for Merls 2x03. IDK, it made me feel better. spoilers in which I ramble a bit more about the ep )

+ Inell's trying to get me to try [livejournal.com profile] bridge2sickbay. She says I can write drabbles within 30-minute time constraints. Isn't that sweet, that she thinks I can do that? ILHER. ♥ Still, I'm considering it, because it looks like fun.

+ Dollhouse Friday was... hm. I don't know what to say about it right now.


+ Okay, back to work with me. I hope everyone's getting their weeks off to a good start. Eventually I will post about something non-fannish. ♥
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Merlin )

Harry Potter )

Dollhouse )

Star Trek )

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(What is that, anyway; when did that happen? Why are we deliberately misspelling stuff? It's Science Fiction, not Cheez Whiz.)

Anyway, I'm watching SyFy at the moment, and is there anyone who WASN'T on Star Trek: TNG? I'm pretty sure I just saw a young version of Ashley Judd.

Also, Wesley Crusher was kind of adorable. And the visual effects are straight out of Pong. Bless. <3

That's all. Carry on.
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Do this meme. DO IT (please): Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.

+ Seriously, WTF. Twitter gets a DDoS attack, then LJ at the same time? How much more am I to take? I hear facebook got hit as well.

+ I'm about two thirds of the way through Kushiel's Mercy, sixth book in the Kushiel saga thingy by Jacqueline Carey. It's one of my favorites of the six, as emo as Imriel is. I might review the lot of them when I'm finished. It's an entertaining series, for the most part.

+ Joe GL and Zooey Deschanel need to marry each other already. Alternatively, they could marry me. Yes, both of them.

+ Star Trek fandom is a bit ridiculous at the moment. I haven't looked at the kink meme in weeks, and I'm in no mood to go back to it. Why can't we have nice things, fandom?

+ In other news, Katie McGrath apparently has a tattoo that reads 'purity' across her lower back. Heh. I feel another Angel/Katie fic coming on.
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+ In before mic-job ends up in Urban Dictionary: Holy CRAP, KARL URBAN; WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING IN YOUR MOUTH. Do you know where that's been?

BRB, perving.

+ New Katie and Angel pics from the season 2 Merlin set. There should be a law against that much pretty. Keep smiling, my lovelies.

+ In the 'It's about goddamn time' department, Minnesota supreme court rules Al Franken as the winner of the MN Senate race. Unanimously. Filibuster-proof, bbs. PARTYTIME.

eta: I may have just had an iced coffee. I never really drink coffee. Bwee. *changes mood to hyper*
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Shipping meme stolen from a couple people on my f-list:

If you want to do this one, make the list of pairings before you see the questions!

Six ships you're into right now.

01 → Gwen/Morgana [Merlin]
02 → Morgana/Arthur [Merlin]
03 → Gwen/Arthur [Merlin]
04 → Hermione/Charlie [HP]
05 → Spock/Uhura [Trek]
06 → John/Teyla [SGA]

Three ships you liked, but don't anymore.

07 → Buffy/Willow [BTvS]
08 → Boyd/Echo [Dollhouse]
09 → Merlin/Morgana [Merlin]

Three ships you never liked.

10 → Harry/Ginny [HP]
11 → Dean/Sam [SPN]
12 → Kirk/Spock [Trek]

Two ships you're curious about, but don't actually ship.

13 → Kirk/Gaila [Trek]
14 → Teyla/Heightmeyer [SGA]

questions )
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Random stuff:

+ I am kind of weirded out/impressed/geeking out about this 10-minute abridged version of the Google Wave demonstration on YouTube. It looks ... shiny. And a bit freaky at the same time. Being able to see what the other person is saying as they type it letter-by-letter. Being able to hold a group chat and hide some replies from some users within the same chat. That real-time automatic translator thing. Syncing with Twitter. (LOL @ 'Twave'.) A lot more cool, largely unnecessary, probably-hard-to-get-used-to but still COOL stuff. I should like to try it out. XD /nerd

+ I just left a load of prompts for [personal profile] oxoniensis's Porn Battle VIII. Go! leave some!

+ Speaking of prompts, I am FULL of fic ideas -- Trek, Merlin, and HP -- but nothing has made it to completion yet. *browses folder of started fics and frowns* Actually finishing one would be lovely. I am currently playing with Uhura/Gaila genfic and Kirk/McCoy kidfic, [livejournal.com profile] hermionebigbang Trio fic, and Gwen-centric [livejournal.com profile] boxofmagic fic of as-yet-unknown pairing. *headdesk* It's still gen at the moment; maybe it'll stay that way. I'm seriously not sure if I'll get that done in time, but I'll finish and post it either way. It'll be nice to finish something long for Merlin fandom.

+ I get distracted too easily. Maybe I should do one of those fandom to-do lists.
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Bear with me, ya'll. Another meta rec, if you please:

[livejournal.com profile] liviapenn on Uhura, and how if you're going to write her off as unessential to the plot, you have to do the same thing to McCoy because they have nearly the exact same role when it comes to Spock and Kirk, respectively.

Basically, probably my favorite meta on this whole thing. It's not Bones-bashing either, at all; it's sense-making and perspective-giving. He kind of gets worse treatment in the film than Uhura compared to their roles in TOS, but they both contribute to the group dynamic in almost the same way, except that Uhura got to do something that started the plot rolling at least. Read the whole thing if you care about any of this, but the money line: I have not seen a single comment-- not ONE-- complaining "aw, why was Bones such a loser in this, we didn't get to see his SKILLS, he never got to do anything but emotionally support Kirk." When there actually would be serious grounds for complaint there. He didn't get to perform surgery or figure out some cool cure for a disease or anything like that. He was "reduced" to being "just" Kirk's best friend. (Please note the extremely ironic "".)

(But! Bones is love, obviously, so instead of writing anyone off, dudes, just accept that they are the OT4 of ST2009. TRUFAX. ♥♥♥ I want OT4 fic now.)
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ST Reboot people: Do you understand how awesome Cadet Gaila is? I feel strongly about this. I mean, Uhura is my one true love, obviously, but we can talk about her later. I want to pimp out the green redheaded awesomeness that is Gaila for a second. I mean. She's from Orion, and she's in Starfleet; this alone is a big effing deal. Because yeah, she gets laid a lot, and she is clearly competent and knows her shit or she wouldn't be there. She's like Kirk, but green and a girl. :P There should be no doubling of standards in her case. She's intelligent and cool and I choose to think she was pretty good friends with Uhura, not just her roommate.

Orion women are freaking sex slaves and objects for the most part, in old school canon, and the writers have speculated that Gaila was in slavery like the others, but escaped. There is so much fic potential here and I would love to know more about her. And of course, as with Uhura, she is being hated upon in some sections of the blogosphere. But! There are people writing her. She and Uhura, two of the few women in the film, are being written about, wtf I love this fandom. I need to share.


[livejournal.com profile] taraljc is hosting IT'S NOT EASY BEING GREEN: THE DOOD, GAILA IS AWESOME COMMENTFIC EXTRAVAGANZA on her LJ. In it, you will find fic recs, comment fic, and the most awesome macro to ever awesome. Go read and play! It cannot survive without us.

[livejournal.com profile] seriousfic has probably the best Gaila I've read yet, and has written Academic Discourse in which there is character study with Gaila at the Academy with Uhura and Kirk and awesome. She also wrote Going Down, most-movie Gaila/Kirk.

[livejournal.com profile] taraljc wrote House Rules, Uhura and Gaila gen that I would draw hearts around if I could.

[livejournal.com profile] yahtzee63 wrote Awkward, more Kirk and Gaila post-movie.

Now. With that said, I think I'm going to see if I can't put Gaila and Uhura into some kind of fic for posting. XP
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Title: Professional Distance
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Bones knows Jim's a crazy son of a bitch; it just didn't used to bother him this much.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1346
Author's Notes: Um, porn?

Professional Distance (posted at LJ, comments welcome at either place)
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+ Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] emiime! <3 Hope you're having a great day.

+ I have been having intermittent problems with Gmail all day. *mutter*

+ The reboot fic continues to be extremely diverting. Between the kink meme and the drabble challenge, there are too many lovely nuggets to rec. So just go splash around. :D

+ I am avoiding thinking about some particularly stressful real-life financial crap at the moment, so please, allow me to spam ya'll with some JGL, y/y?

500 Days of Summer photo collage in which Joe and Zooey D. are gorgeous and I ship them like it's my job )

+ Hugs to everyone who needs them today.
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I have been collecting links to particularly awesome Trek-related things that I've been reading, and will do some sort of rec post very soon, but I wanted to point to one real quick, and that is this essay on Uhura by [livejournal.com profile] taraljc that I read on my lunch break.

So it's not a fic at all, but meta on the women in the film. A different perspective on the common wisdom that seems to be going around in which there is headdesking over what Abrams did with the women and their relationships to the men. I've participated in this, as have many people I've seen around LJ. I can't say more without spoiling, but if you watch for the girls as I tend to do, it's a good read. It is, of course, very spoilery for the whole film, and I found it really refreshing and it made me think differently about a few things. I also came out of it fangirling Uhura even more than I was, which I didn't think was possible. XP I also really want to see the film again.

Yay for meta! If anyone wants to talk about it here, feel free to comment. *g*

eta: Also! 10 things you should probably know about Star Trek.


May. 11th, 2009 10:56 pm
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I dutifully resisted reading kink meme (the Trek one) fics today whilst cramming for my exam, but when I got home, of course I started browsing the porn.

It turns out the answer to one of my exam questions was TOTALLY (I kid you not) IN ONE OF THE FICLETS. And if I'd read it before the exam, I might not have mixed it up with something else.


*mutters about 5-alpha reductase* Also, I am entirely too big of a geek not to have been in this fandom before now.
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I don't need another fandom.

No, really - I don't need another fandom. But.

Star Trek, why so shiny? Why so pretty? Why such an awesome Spock and perfect Uhura?

Reboot fandom, why so lovely and active?


*sigh* If anyone has recs for Uhura fic, please drop them here. And Spock fic. And Spock/Uhura fic. And Kirk/Spock/Uhura fic. And McCoy/anyone fic. Oh, McCoy. <3333 And icons. Need.

*headdesk again*

Alright, back to work. Final in seven hours. DNW. :(
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So that was very, very cool.

Star Trek spoilers - crossposter, don't fail me now, or I'll be the one who's cut )

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