Nov. 2nd, 2010

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+ Please vote today everyone! If you're not sure where your polling place is, Find Your Fucking Polling Place. Most of them close at 8pm.

I will be watching the results with bated breath tonight.

+ I meant to post yesterday, but good luck to everyone doing NaNoWriMo/Wrisomifu/NaBloPoMo/various other November-themed events wot involve lots of typing! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. I... am not doing any of those. *loser*

+ Couple things I am watching that I haven't been talking about!

- Lost Girl. CRACKTASTIC CANADIAN URBAN FANTASY WITH CHICKS. I described it thusly to [ profile] fruhlings on tumblr the other day:

"It’s … well. It’s campy but fun. It’s like if Xena took place in modern-day Toronto, complete with subtext between super-powered lead female and younger female protege who adorably insists on tagging along with her wherever she goes, if Xena were a succubus and Gabrielle were a grifter who was into disguises. And lead female has sexual tension with almost everyone she meets, male or female, just like Xena! There is diversity and lots of ladies and every episode title incorporates the word Fae in a way that’s probably going to get pretty old pretty soon.

…I think I’ll keep watching."

- The Walking Dead. Not too sure about this one yet. I mean it's mostly enjoyable - super-gross, really well-done zombie stuff, a great score and production values, good performances. But the opening was kind of gender-faily, and I'm not very engaged with the characters yet so I hope that comes later. Also I want to meet Glenn and get to know the supporting cast better because the lead guy is... well. Anyway, I'm giving it another shot.

- Dexter. Mixed thoughts on the season so far as a whole, but if you look closely, there is an utterly delightful buddy-cop dynamic emerging between Deb and Sierra. ♥ Deb remains the greatest, btw. Quinn is gross, and also orange.

Things I am behind on, mostly for lack of time:

- Undercovers. Hot married spies, cuteness, slowly developing actual tension and drama as the season progresses! IT CAN STAY. ♥
- Nikita. Improbable spy plots, unconvincing male love-interest types, but a Mentor/Protege dynamic between Nikita and Alex that I am in love with, and also Maggie Q with guns! IT CAN STAY TOO.
- Lip Service. Crack! Pretty lesbians in Glasgow! I'm only one episode in and I am taking my time catching up for some reason; mostly it makes me want to rewatch early seasons of The L Word, and also I keep getting irrationally annoyed that Angel Coulby is not in it? IT'S A LONG STORY. I can't explain my weird emotions at this time.
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GUYS I'm watching the election results and the results in PA are too close to call atm (hold me), and I'm trying not to cry/throw up over Rand Paul (RAND PAUL) being elected in Kentucky and Marco Fucking Rubio being elected in FL, sooooo.... idk have some music?

Doctor Who Series 5 Soundtrack by Murray Gold

It's SO GOOD, in that way of great TV scores that call back the best moments of the series. As an ALBUM it could probably use some editing -- it has 60something tracks and they're all over the place; literally every clip of score that was ever used in the episodes, lol. But there are about 10-12 tracks that make the whole thing worth it.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 OST by Alexandre Desplat

OMG I LOVE IT. It's dark and so much more mature than the previous scores; even the more whimsical bits feel heavier. And there's some seriously beautiful, moving tracks in the bunch. I think the Prisoner of Azkaban score might be my favorite still, but this is up there.


...In other news, I am still a little bit in love with Rachel Maddow.

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