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...at least my portion of it will; no doubt my mom started sometime last night.

+ Happy Christmas/Holiday/Saturday/Yuletide/Doctor Who Day everyone! ♥

I know I haven't been around a ton this month due to work, busy-ness, traveling, being sick while traveling, and whatnot, but I just want to say you guys are amazing, I love you the most and I'll catch up with you soon. I wish you all the best things for the rest of this year and in the new one. ♥

+ Someone wrote me a Yuletide fic! With Eyes To See, a faaaaaaaabulous slice of Attolia/Eugenides (from The Queen's Thief series!!!!!!!).

+ Heading down to my folks' house in am hour or two, but I'll probably be back interneting sometime tonight if I'm being honest. (DOCTOR WHO DAY)

+ ETA: OH. GOSH. Teach me to post before 7am again. DUDES, WHICHEVER OF YOU SENT ME LJ TOKENS ANONYMOUSLY, THANK YOU. I wish I knew who you are so I could write you something! If you would like that please let me know what you want to read. ♥ And thank you to everyone who sent me a v-gift, a message on tumblr, a card, or anything like that. I don't deserve y'all sometimes. ♥
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Happy Holidays everybody, whatever you celebrate I hope you're all having a good one. I quite seriously think you guys are the best ever and you make me smile all year long. <3

Also, want to thank everyone who sent me a card; I love them all so, so much. ♥ It turned out money got a little too tight for me to send mine out this year, which makes me feel pretty bad, BUT I have a contingency plan in place that I will elaborate on next week. ♥

Also, Yuletide later. <3 It's down to the folks' house for me tomorrow so I won't have time to read anything until the evening probably, but I can't wait.

Now, I leave you with a video. For everyone out there who isn't having a happy holiday, I feel you, and so does Jay Smooth. (He's one of my husbands, in case you've never heard of him).

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Seasons Greetings, Good Yule, Happy Thursday, and everything and all that.

♥ You guys rock, all of you, and I hope you have a great day.


Dec. 24th, 2008 11:34 pm
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The house is clean, save for a few touches.

Laundry's done and there are fresh linens, and dishes are clean.

I don't think that I forgot anything.

The fam will be here in twelve hours and twenty minutes.

There is a pipe beneath my kitchen sink that is leaking slowly but steadily into the basement and it Won't. Stop. I have towels wrapped around it because no hardware store was open where I could buy any tape or putty. Furthermore, I'm kind of broke.

...the fam will be here in twelve hours and twenty minutes.

However! However. I have a bottle of spiced apple wine, and I'm going to open it and have a glass while I sit here and wrap gifts, which I actually like doing, and Yuletide fics will be available for viewing in twenty minutes.

So, at this point I can't really complain.

Happy Christmas Eve, or what's left of it. ♥
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*** First, I'm going to whine briefly at you all; so begging your pardon: The only thing I managed to get done this weekend was finishing my Christmas shopping. *headdesk* I still need to buy more food and clean the house and wrap things and get everything ready. I always do this to myself; let things pile up and then not know where to start and then sit in the middle of it all, being useless until the last possible moment. *sigh* And I've spent entirely too much money already. :/

Whatever; I'll get it all done, I always do. I just sort of want Christmas to be over now.


*** I officially love Merlin. I've watched the entire first series and it's completely lovely. And I think I'm shipping all four main characters in just about every combination. :P Which means that I need to be directed to some fanfic. Anyone care to point me in the right direction of some Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Gwen, and Gwen/Morgana to start? ;)

...not that I should be thinking about anything fannish until after Christmas.

*** I did no writing this weekend, which means out of the ten or eleven Christmas prompts I took, I only managed to write two. Which, actually, not the worst thing in the world, because it's 200% more than I usually manage to write when I take prompts. Yay progress?

*** I'm at work now, and I work tomorrow, but I'm off after that until January 4th!! *dances*


Dec. 19th, 2008 11:21 am
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*** [livejournal.com profile] hpvalensmut is back, and yes I did sign up. *headdesk*

I will get either Valensmut or Springsmut done early.
I will get either Valensmut or Springsmut done early.

...yeah. :P I seem to have signed up for quite a few things so far, but I wouldn't do it if I didn't love this stuff. LOL.

*** This weekend I will be cleaning the house and buying food. And hopefully taking some time to write. I don't have Christmas Eve off, so I really don't want to come home from work and scramble around to get things clean and ready.

*** I'm worried that some of you might get your holiday cards late. But they've been sent, promise!

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So this whole Christmas tree thing? SO much more complicated than it needs to be. My own fault, of course.

I'm pretty sure the tree I got was meant to be put into the ground and not into a stand in my living room. It came with the trunk buried in dirt and wrapped in this burlap stuff. I thought, at the store, 'fine, it's buried in dirt so they can water it before it gets sold. I'll just take it out of the dirt when I get home and set it up. This is the supermarket, they wouldn't make it that complicated.'

Uh, yes, they would. The roots and everything? Definitely still on the tree. I had to buy a saw and chop them all off, and am now trying to taper the end so it'll sit in the stand without looking like the leaning tree of Pisa or something. And my lower back and arms are sore. If I'd wanted to pluck an evergreen out of the ground and deal with it from scratch, I could have done so without spending $45. My parents have some teeny ones at their house I think.

*whines* See, if I had my own Neville, this wouldn't be a problem.

At least my whole house smells like pine now. Come to that, so do I.

Oh well, at least I'll know for next year, and get one that's actually pre-cut.


Don't laugh; it's not funny. XP

Oh! And

Dec. 13th, 2008 12:45 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] inell and I spent the last week working on a Christmas pressie for [livejournal.com profile] florahart (who is seriously one of my favorite writers and probably the nicest person I've ever met anywhere), and we finally finished it and so I wanna pimp it.

She's written upwards of 1500 drabbles and fics, and they've never been all in one place for people to find and read, so we made an archive for her! It's Fic By Flora, and it's here.

Go looky, because there's so much! I know most of you on my flist are Hermione fans like me, and there is lots of Hermione (61 Charlie/Hermione!! EEE!) and Trio and Bill/Hermione, etc, so that's fantastic, but there's also LOTS of slash if you're into Snarry or Drarry or Snupin even Charlie/Harry (yum). And humor and crack and gen and even poems and limericks. All filterable by character/pairing/rating/whatever.

It's definitely one of the more selfish gifts I'll work on this year, because there's so much to read that I never knew existed. XD You can register to leave comments on the fics you like, and right now it's set to show you different skins at random, but if you register you can pick a default skin for the site. I'll be working on more of them to add.



Dec. 13th, 2008 12:30 pm
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I was talking to my mom on the phone this morning, and she told me she isn't doing a tree this year. They're older now, and everyone's now moved out and they get tired of doing the whole big family thing because it's a lot of work for them.

So then I was all "oh noes, why not just come up here? I'll get a tree, whee!" (I've never really done it, because I'd always just go down there.)


So, a hundred-fiftyish bucks and about 87 teeny cuts on my fingers later, I now have a tree, and trimmings and candy canes and lights and everything. It's likely that more money will be spent over the next two weeks, and what was I thinking and shit.

I spent like a half hour trying to muscle that thing out of my car (because I'm a dumbass who got one that has the huge burlap sack full of dirt around the base?), and damn, those pine needles are sharp. And now said car seriously needs to meet a vacuum hose.

However, the tree smells great! I might be looking forward to getting it decorated and all.

Now, off to try and write drabbles and RP.

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