Mar. 14th, 2011 09:08 am
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So, Being Human 3x08, "The Wolf-shaped Bullet", has basically induced a feelings attack and caused my opinion on this ENTIRE season to do a total 180. I haven't even been bothered to review the episodes since the premiere because I've been behind but I'm so glad I caught up this weekend so I could watch yesterday; I would've hated to be spoiled for this.

That said, if my coworkers ask me why I'm so despondent this week, what do I say? "Oh don't mind, me, just a bit overly invested in a fictional narrative, lalala."

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SO, that episode was definitely an improvement over ... well, most of last season! We'll see, we'll see.

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spoilers, but this is not what i would call an in-depth anything )


Feb. 21st, 2010 11:28 pm
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Good god, Being Human. I've been a little useless when it comes to making reaction posts and this week's no different, but.


(still going through meme replies btw <3 you guys)
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35 Being Human icons (from 2x01 and 2x02)

Mitchell, Annie, George, Nina, Carl, Hugh

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Textless icons are not bases (just let me know if you want text on one and I'll cheerfully add it)
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Feb. 2nd, 2010 11:11 am
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First, a meme, spotted like four times on the f-list so far:

Let’s make a magical wave throughout LJ.
When you see this entry, post a picture of the show to your own journal.

her faaaace

+ Secondly, I have lots of feelings about recent TV. Quickly:

Vampire Diaries: PENCILS AND MAKEOUTS AND GIRLS OH MY lesbian friendship necklaaaaace
Big Love: OH MY GOD THIS SEASON SO FAR. [insert massive rant directed toward Bill Henrickson]
Being Human: OH MY GOD THIS SEASON SO FAR. [insert Annie love screed and George flail]
Skins: Okay I guess. I have Thoughts but idk if I feel like taking the time to post 'em.
LotS: Kahlan and Caraaaaa akdjfalflahdl

+ I will at the very least expand my thoughts on Big Love, BH and TVD when I get some time.

I also have a mess of BH icons to finish and post, one teenyfic to write, one Finishathon fic to finish, and one help_haiti fic to write, a [ profile] halfamoon picspam, and a bunch of other sundries to get to.

+ Also, watched Whip It this weekend. BEST.

+ Might linkspam at you guys later.
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Apparently all I can do is post about TV lately. I do have other things going on! Most of them I don't much feel like getting into, though. :/ I would prefer to make picspams of Gwen and other things that are pretty and post them to my tumblr.

People are going around being wrong on the internet again about a variety of things, but damn if I feel like talking about that either.

Also! Good luck today, [ profile] inell! ♥ You know why.

Anyway, yes, things are happening, but you get TV. Being Human. Goddamn this show is exhausting.

spoilers )
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Because I have feelings about it. I'm so glad it's back! And for eight episodes, bweee.


spoilers for season 2 episode 1 )
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So Being Human is returning to me tonight.


However, I won't be able to watch for a while so allow me to picspam you in the meantime.

There is little rhyme or reason to this picspam, and very few coherent details about things like, I dunno, plot or whatever. I mean, THE SHOW is full of plot and good writing and beautifully fleshed out characters and a girl who gets to have agency, but that is not that point of this post. This post makes no sense and is about how everyone is married. You won't be spoiled for series one, is what I'm trying to say.

(Incidentally, [profile] peopleareshapes told me, when I mentioned this picspam, that "It makes no sense and is about how everyone is married" should be the tagline for Merlin. And I just can't resist bringing Merlin into things, can I? MOVING ON.)

Also, this is a bit obnoxiously image-heavy. I have a newfound respect for people who do picspams with any sort of regularity because they take just short of FOREVER to make.

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Being Human )

Supernatural - spoiler for 5x03 )

Dexter )

Mad Men )


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20 Being Human icons (from new s2 group shot)

Comments are love, especially if you take
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Textless icons are not bases (just let me know if you want text on one and I'll cheerfully add it)
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+ I am told that this is yet another s2 promo.

(click for bigger because I am trying to be better at adding image attributes to protect your layouts.)

Also, I'm going to need them to stop being so pretty and piling onto each other like that, it fills my head with prurient imagery and irregular dirty wrong un-ladylike thoughts about hot peoples. SOMEONE STUDY ME. HOGOD THEY APPEAR TO BE UNDER THE COVERS.

+ In other news, last night I signed up for [ profile] smutty_claus and [ profile] camelotsolstice. I'm really excited about both. And am thrilled that so many of you signed up for the Merlin one, that should be fun. Mutual flailing, etc. *g*

+ I've been in a bit of a fog the last couple days, busy at work and with school and fandom commitments. A week and a half until my vacation and it can't come soon enough.

+ Tonight is beta-ing and collecting lonely prompts from the party and making HBB banners. [ profile] kendas I'll send your thingie back tonight.

+ Also, it is early. Need an extra hour or two of sleep, kthnx.
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19 Being Human icons (from new s2 promo)

Comments are love, especially if you take
Credit [personal profile] heathershaped
Textless icons are not bases (just let me know if you want text on one and I'll cheerfully add it)
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Y'know, just in case I didn't already ship Mitchell/Annie/George like BURNING.

UNF. *dies a little*

When's season 2 coming?? Also, Being Human's airing on BBC America right now and you should all watch. Just sayin'.
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If you have anything more constructive to say than (!!!!!), please feel free to initiate discussion here.

'Cos I got nothing at the moment.

*iz ded*

...How long till the next series?

eta: spoilers in the comments, obvs.
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-- Being Human's been picked up for a second series. And we get 8 episodes instead of just six. *dances* Even though it's doing really well in the ratings, I honestly didn't know if it'd be back. I think I'll make another set of icons to celebrate. XD

*is obviously a complete dork*

-- moar TV rambling: Top Chef ended last night so there's a new winner. I don't want to talk about it. -_-' However, Damages was fabulous. I wish more people were into that show. I'm completely behind on Nip/Tuck (probably because it fairly sucks and has since about season 3, and I can't be arsed to remember to watch anymore). But I do need to catch up on Big Love, which is still awesome. And The Tudors is back really soon, but I honestly don't know how good it'll be without Anne. Surely it'll still be pretty, though, and as always that's reason enough to watch.

-- I'm nervous and excited about [ profile] thelittlebang and [ profile] boxofmagic, and maybe one other that I may or may not be tossing around ideas for with a couple people, we'll see. I'm going to be writing my ass off this spring/summer. Which, overall, is good. *nod*

So in the spirit of that -- Buttons:

Hope everyone's having a good day. ♥
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* Today's been good. I have nothing planned except to watch the Oscars, so I wouldn't exactly call it exciting, but just ... it's nice not having anything pressure-ful to do. XD

* I caught up with the last ep of Being Human which was AMAZING; seriously, you should all be watching. Only one episode left. And I posted a set of icons from 1x04 that I made last night. It's kind of hard to color those caps, but I found a nice way I think.

* Oh, and my [ profile] hp_springsmut fic is pwned (why yes, I did finish the fucking in the fic). Two more exchange fics left for this season. I was really tempted by [ profile] weasleyfest, but I'd already bit off a bit too much with [ profile] hp_spring_fling and [ profile] hp_rarities. :( No more doing three and four exchanges at a time. Yeah. I love them, but I've recently realised how nice it is being able to write something just because I want to, rather than just filling a request, so I want to give myself more time to do that.

* Merlin fic! I'm sort of incredibly nervous to start writing in this fandom, but it's really difficult to watch the show and NOT want to write about it. The characters are just so writeable. (And this is apparently the post where I make up words). I did some teenyfics for the Vag Fest, which was fun -- I might do one or two more before it ends today. And I want to try some of the Gen Battle prompts. There are some good Merlin and Harry Potter ones, and that one ends next Friday. Also, I'm tempted to put my hat in for [ profile] boxofmagic because Arthur/Merlin is nice, but there needs to be more Gwen and Morgana fic, and so few people have signed up to write it. *nods and nudges people* Still, it's a rather huge writing commitment, so I need to think on it more. XD

* I'm off to do some beta work, maybe try another teenyfic, and put together a Merlin squee/rec list out of my bookmarks because I finally have TIME.

♥ Hugs to everyone who need them today -- oh, and hay new friends!
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54 Being Human icons (from 1x04)

1 2 3 4

Comments are love, especially if you take
Credit [ profile] heather11483
Textless icons are not bases (just let me know if you want text on one and I'll cheerfully add it)
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