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WELL. BEEN A WHILE. Hi guys. I have other stuff I want to post about, but srs bsns first:

+ So OBL's dead, and it's super-surreal. I remember exactly where I was on 9/11, and it's hard to believe that it's been ten years with this spectre hanging over us. I'm glad he's dead for the symbolic value, for the fact that the world's legit a better place without him, for the shot in the arm this gives to our troops, and for the closure it's brought those who need it. All that's real and important and I'm grateful no Americans were harmed while taking him out even as I'm sorry that Pakistani civilians weren't so lucky.

That said, the surge of nationalism (mostly the accompanying anti-Islamic sentiment) scares me. The gross jokes on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr last night. The assumptions that the Islamic community isn't as happy about this as we are. The belated (extremely belated) undercurrents of fear of retaliation that we should've thought about, oh, nine years ago or at any point since. Now is NOT the time to start sowing fear about that. I also can't with the throngs of people celebrating outside the white house either. I get it, but it seems like very much the wrong tone to take with the world watching, and celebrating death makes me feel skeevy, particularly considering the tens of thousands of deaths over the last decade that reportedly sprung from the search for this one dude. Hard to call that victory. It's just sobering, and at the end of the day nothing's changed in the region; what we change with regards to our Afghanistan policy remains to be seen.

On a lighter note but not that much lighter, Donald Trump can go shave his back now. Guess now we know why it took Obama so long to get around to releasing that long-form birth certificate, hm?

+ Good luck to everyone in Canada today with your elections.

+ thoughts on TV and a music post later/tomorrow.
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+ Please vote today everyone! If you're not sure where your polling place is, Find Your Fucking Polling Place. Most of them close at 8pm.

I will be watching the results with bated breath tonight.

+ I meant to post yesterday, but good luck to everyone doing NaNoWriMo/Wrisomifu/NaBloPoMo/various other November-themed events wot involve lots of typing! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. I... am not doing any of those. *loser*

+ Couple things I am watching that I haven't been talking about!

- Lost Girl. CRACKTASTIC CANADIAN URBAN FANTASY WITH CHICKS. I described it thusly to [livejournal.com profile] fruhlings on tumblr the other day:

"It’s … well. It’s campy but fun. It’s like if Xena took place in modern-day Toronto, complete with subtext between super-powered lead female and younger female protege who adorably insists on tagging along with her wherever she goes, if Xena were a succubus and Gabrielle were a grifter who was into disguises. And lead female has sexual tension with almost everyone she meets, male or female, just like Xena! There is diversity and lots of ladies and every episode title incorporates the word Fae in a way that’s probably going to get pretty old pretty soon.

…I think I’ll keep watching."

- The Walking Dead. Not too sure about this one yet. I mean it's mostly enjoyable - super-gross, really well-done zombie stuff, a great score and production values, good performances. But the opening was kind of gender-faily, and I'm not very engaged with the characters yet so I hope that comes later. Also I want to meet Glenn and get to know the supporting cast better because the lead guy is... well. Anyway, I'm giving it another shot.

- Dexter. Mixed thoughts on the season so far as a whole, but if you look closely, there is an utterly delightful buddy-cop dynamic emerging between Deb and Sierra. ♥ Deb remains the greatest, btw. Quinn is gross, and also orange.

Things I am behind on, mostly for lack of time:

- Undercovers. Hot married spies, cuteness, slowly developing actual tension and drama as the season progresses! IT CAN STAY. ♥
- Nikita. Improbable spy plots, unconvincing male love-interest types, but a Mentor/Protege dynamic between Nikita and Alex that I am in love with, and also Maggie Q with guns! IT CAN STAY TOO.
- Lip Service. Crack! Pretty lesbians in Glasgow! I'm only one episode in and I am taking my time catching up for some reason; mostly it makes me want to rewatch early seasons of The L Word, and also I keep getting irrationally annoyed that Angel Coulby is not in it? IT'S A LONG STORY. I can't explain my weird emotions at this time.

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Sep. 20th, 2010 11:08 am
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Been catching up on my reading, and [personal profile] glass_icarus has a really gorgeous and timely essay that was spurred by this post, in which writer Elizabeth Moon makes a hateful and ignorant argument about the civil responsibility of marginalized groups, specifically targeting Muslim Americans and immigrants who are going through hell right now. And who (whatthefuck) should never be called on their patriotism for speaking out against the system of freeflowing hatred that's permeating the discourse lately in this country, that is for real affecting policy and quality of life.

On The Politics of Possession

If I can just quote part of it:

You say that "the business of a citizen is the welfare of the nation," and in broad strokes (and insofar as my community is considered part of the nation) I agree that this is so. However, I also believe that the business of a nation is the welfare of its citizens, and that the latter takes precedence over the former. If I love my country, if I want to serve my country, and it does nothing to recognize me; if politicians and legislators and members of the judiciary continue to ignore and overlook the needs of my people, should I still grant the welfare of the nebulous "nation" sovereignty over my life? Should I expend all my efforts in support of the comfortable majority even as my minority community and those of my friends and family members continue to struggle against the injustices of their daily lived experiences? Is this a sustainable, an equitable relationship? I say no, it is not. I say that a patriotism that only demands and never asks, only takes and never offers, is at least as terrible a thing as a love-relationship that does the same. I say that you should look at what national institutions have previously done to us, at what the state is trying to do today, before you dare to judge us for prioritizing the welfare of our own communities. Will you tell me now that awareness of these- yes, American- histories "unfits" me for citizenship?

PREACH. Civil responsibility is a two-way street, patriotism does not mean settling for scraps or taking abuse, and there's nothing more patriotic than holding a nation and a system to its supposed ideals. I mean, seriously.

can i just

Aug. 4th, 2010 10:46 pm
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via [livejournal.com profile] sainfoin_fields by way of tumblr

brb celebrating.
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+ So for the foreseeable future I am unable to access LJ or Tumblr at work. I COULD WEEP. I'm going to have to stop following a lot of blogs or start filtering more so it doesn't take me insanely long to get caught up in the evenings. I can read both on my iPhone but that can be a pain.

DW is still up though! But I don't have things set up to where I can read all my LJ stuff over here.

+ I'm through season 3 of my Doctor Who watch/rewatch, and guys, I reallyreallyreally love Martha. More than I remember. I hate how the show/the Doctor treated her, but at the end of the day she had the best resolution of any of the New!companions so far.

Also, I'm thinking of interrupting the rewatch with Torchwood, which I haven't seen at all. Is Torchwood a good life choice?

+ I'm nervous for you guys in the UK, and watching for election results. [personal profile] woldy has a great post on why to vote.
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Links of rage:

+ I imagine most people have heard about the law Arizona passed - actually passed - allowing ~suspected immigrants~ (read: people who are not white) to be stopped at any time and asked for proof of citizenship - and actually obligating law enforcement officials to perform these checks. Well, not to be outdone, a legislator in Texas is pushing for a similar law to be passed there. FANTASTIC. @##@###@

+ In other news, Oklahoma has overridden the Governor's veto of an abortion measure that will require all women (victims of rape or incest NOT excluded) seeking an abortion to submit to a vaginal ultrasound. An unnecessary, penetrative ultrasound. By force. That's now LAW in Oklahoma. Never mind that abortion is LEGAL in this country.

Things is fucked up.

Regular-flavored links:

+ Heather Morris (Brittany from Glee) speaks to The Advocate. Firstly, she's LOVELY; secondly, she says she asked Ryan Murphy if there were any plans to explore Brittany/Santana in a less implicit way, and he said no, because it's a primetime show (ugh), but "we'll see what happens". Can't say I'm surprised, though it makes ZERO sense. :/


~never forget~

+ Speaking of Glee, I meant to link this earlier, but [personal profile] ciderpress takes down hipster racism re: Mike Chang here, and does it beautifully.

+ I finally got a chance to read Charles Tan's No Foreigners Allowed, and... I'm just going to link you to the rebuttals - I'm sure most people have seen them by now, but they're brilliant.

An Open Letter to Charles Tan by [personal profile] deepad
No Country for Strangers by [personal profile] ephemere
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+ JD Salingerand Howard Zinn are both dead this week. D: Two great minds.

[livejournal.com profile] maehrys has mp3s of two of Zinn's lectures that I would definitely recommend.

+ Switching gears entirely, the lovely [livejournal.com profile] miakun made a Farscape picspam in an attempt to show me how awesome it is. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, I now really want to meet this Aeryn chick. ♥ Anyway, I am linking to said picspam because it is really quite pretty. :D

+ Chromatic casting! There's a good roundup here. It is the best of all the memes. I had fun with Lord of the Rings; now I'm thinking about Anansi Boys for [personal profile] brightfame. (Which obviously isn't a REcasting, but still.) Might get to that tonight, or probably in a day or so actually because I should try to sleep earlier. Or, you know, at all.

+ Speaking of which, I was up past 4am both last night and the night before. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME YOU GUYS. This is not good; I don't drink enough coffee to support this sort of thing. It's RL stress driving me to distraction, I know. What do you guys do when you can't sleep?

+ S2 volume 2 Merlin DVDs soon! Which means hires screencaps which means: COMPREHENSIVE PICSPAMS. Watch out, tumblr.

+ Kelly, Sirena, robinmarian: Tonight is the night, I promise!


Jan. 13th, 2010 05:23 pm
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+ [livejournal.com profile] skywardprodigal has a list of trusted sources for relief efforts.

+ The Miami Herald has the most exhaustive list I've seen here, with how you can help.

+ A really easy way, if you're in the states, is to text "HAITI" to 90999. $10 will be donated to the Red Cross. It'll get added to your next cell phone bill.

+ [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti is a fandom charity auction to raise relief funds. You can bid on things or offer them up.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and they need ... just, everything.

Hugs to those on my flist who are waiting to hear from family on the island; I'm thinking of you.
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Obama's been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.




(Also, yes, it is early. This is more of a show of good faith and belief that Obama can and will see his initial efforts (for de-nuclearization and his efforts at multi-lateral diplomacy which is not our usual pattern to say the least) through, and that the WORLD is going to hold him to that. And that? Is a huge fucking deal considering our standing in the world even a year ago. It's more of a "Yes, this, finally, you should really keep doing that" from the rest of the world.)


Now I've got to get back to work. This news cycle should be ...interesting.
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+ My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the Philippines, in Samoa and Tonga, and everyone with family there.

What you can do to help the victims of Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana (via [livejournal.com profile] lassiterfics):

1. Help for Typhooon Ondoy Victims in the Philippines - This is a good place to keep up with news, with active situation map and a list of ways you can donate. If you scroll down, there is a list of US-based donation drop-off points, though it's just California, New York, and New Jersey. You can also do credit card and PayPal.

2. Ondoy Places to Donate Relief Goods - This GoogleDocs has a more comprehensive list of how to donate under the 'Online/International' category.


+ Not like everyone doesn't already know about this, but it bears repeating. Everyone in the entertainment industry (everyone everywhere, really) who is petitioning to free Roman Polanski? Fuck you all.

The longer I look at the list, the more names I recognise, the more ragey I get. Of all the things, of all the people to fight for and to place your well-known names behind. Fuck that.

+ Also, Merlin fandom, don't even start. Just please, don't even. That's all I have to say about that.
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So, Caster Semenya's been placed on suicide watch.

She's eighteen fucking years old. I certainly hope the press and the people currently chewing her up and spitting her out as if the fact that she's not like them means she's there for their consumption, to satisfy their curiosity and damn her feelings, are pleased with themselves.

In light of that, would just like to point to [livejournal.com profile] karnythia's post on Race, Gender and the Oppressive Public Gaze.
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Twitter is blowing up with news of tear gas, water cannons, and shootings in Tehran, at today's demonstrations. This is what the protesters are dealing with now.

Watch the #iranelection, #iranelections, and #gr88 hashtags if you're on Twitter, and be careful, not everything is reliable.

Don't trust any news coming exclusively from Iranian government/state TV -- not even if you see those reports repeated on CNN. Until it's verified by an independent source, it's possible that the government is fabricating some stories to justify a harsher crackdown on the demonstrations and incite anger against the protesters.

Reliable Twitters at this time are:
  • @ProtesterHelp
  • @Change_for_Iran
  • @persiankiwi
  • @voairan

  • @AnnCurry of NBC is doing really good work. Her twitter's been useful and reliable.

    CNN is... still disappointing but it'll do in a pinch (to be fair it's difficult for them to report live from this) -- if you can catch the BBC or Al Jazeera you're a little better off.

    Huffington Post is liveblogging the uprising here.

    New York Times is liveblogging it here.

    Andrew Sullivan is still liveblogging it and doing some of the best work I've seen from an individual blogger.

    [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political's latest live thread is here.

    You can see video at most of these sources.

    ETA: Google Translate has just added Persian (Farsi) to their service. You can use it to translate text that you may find at websites and on Twitter to English.

    Please keep the protesters in your thoughts/prayers. I'm in awe. Many of them are so young, and they're so much braver than I could ever be.

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    When it comes to reporting on the situation in Iran, cable news fails on an epic scale. It's not all mainstream media; PBS and NPR are doing really good work and there are journalists there now risking their lives to report on this. But when cable news is bothering to report on this at all, they (and many politicians) are making it about the US and our interests and where we might be of influence over there, which is so unbelievably NOT what this is about. This is about the people of Iran determining their own future.

    Anyway. I'm not going to remark too much on it because I don't want to put my foot in my mouth about anything; I think it's more important to listen and watch. But I thought I'd share some links as I've had my eye on this all weekend:

    Iran's Stolen Election - some context for the situation, with analysis.

    Andrew Sullivan's blog - he's been speaking a lot of truth and reposting a lot of videos from the protests, and sharing links from all over the blogosphere, which is mostly where the bulk of news can be found.

    Pictures from Iran. And also here, via Time.

    Twitters I've been watching. Many of the people tweeting from there are my age and younger. Just college students.

  • @Stop Ahmadi
  • @Change_For_Iran
  • @IranRiggedElect
  • @TehranBureau
  • @IranElection09
  • @persiankiwi

  • Twitter has been invaluable btw, since SMS, internet service, and general cell phone service have been blocked inside Iran. I've even heard that Twitter's being monitored by the government to block the proxy IP addresses that many were posting there over the weekend for Iranians to use. If you want to help and know how, you can set up proxy servers and direct message the IP addresses to @persiankiwi or @StopAhmadi -- but DON'T tweet them publicly or they'll just be jammed.

    In many respects, Twitter is all they've got.

    And this is what it's good for, the next time anyone asks.

    Also: well done, tptb at Twitter, for rescheduling the planned downtime so that people inside Iran can continue to communicate with the outside world and with each other.

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