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** My last one!

This whole nablopomo thing might have got me used to posting more often, which I've been wanting to do, but now that the month's over I probably won't do it daily anymore. What are you guys going to do without my daily random posts, huh? ;)

** I've still got room for one more Christmas prompt if anyone wants to grab it. Thanks to you guys that commented with one! More choices = good. :D Also, now that Thanksgiving's over, I'll probably get those holiday cards out soon, so if you'd like one just pop over and do my poll, and/or if you want, link me to your posts if you have them. :)

** It feels like a Monday. I kept having random moments of feeling like I should be at work or something. ;)

** You know how GMail does the themes thing now? My theme is currently raining (because it's raining here in my town), and there are raindrops scattered on the page. It's pretty; I don't think it's ever done that before so they must be improving it as they go.

♥ I hope everyone's holiday weekend was great.
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Yay, random:

** I need a Friday Night Lights icon. I'm loving that show so much right now. I got into it late, when the first season came out on DVD, and I'm only just now catching up with the second season. Overall I like season one better because of one particular S2 plotline that I wish would go away, but still, what an awesome show. I've always been a little in love with Kyle Chandler anyway, and of course Tim Riggins pretty much needs to marry me. Guh.

Also, I think I might be shipping a threesome on that show. Hard. *headdesk* All I need is for Tim and Jason to realise they're hot for each other as well as Lila.

** It feels like it's been really slow on my flist lately. *pokes you guys* ♥

** I'm hereby going to take Christmas prompts from the first ten people to comment with an HP pairing and a prompt, and we'll see what shakes out. This didn't go so well last year (*ducks head*), but I feel better about my muse this year. I'm not even going to pretend I could do a ficlet every day until Christmas, but it might be fun to do a few Christmas fics.

Prompt away! ♥
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-- I did a bit of shopping today; it wasn't a big deal. The scariest thing about it was the parking lot at the mall. LOL! No idea why people were in such a rush to get from one row to another, but I honked a lot. I went in knowing exactly what I was getting and then left, so I wasn't tempted to drop a whole lot of money I don't technically have.

-- This, however, is insane." What the hell, people. Just what the hell. eta: More insanity. O_O

-- I've had my eye on the news on and off all day, reading about what's going on in Mumbai. Over 160 have been killed and it's still not over. :/ There's a lot of speculation and accusation happening about what's behind it, but I still can't quite make sense of it. I'm not sure if anyone really knows what's what at this point, but I'm really hoping it doesn't escalate into more tension within the region. My thoughts and prayers go out to the wounded and the families of the dead.

-- Because I'm feeling too lazy and distracted to write much else, here's a meme:

Your rainbow is shaded green and blue.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

Sure, I'll take it.

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Short, mostly silly pre-holiday entry today.

-- I don't really have anything big planned for Thanksgiving; not going anywhere far. I'll just be going down to my folks' house to help cook (and eat, haha).

-- Turns out I've got Friday off after all, and I'm trying to decide whether I want to go do my Christmas shopping then; see if I can get some deals or something. Do any of you do the Black Friday thing? Is it really crazy (or if it is, are the savings worth it)? Do I want to be bothered? :P

-- I've been slightly giggly all morning over finding pictures of Kristen Stewart and Michael Angarano sitting on the steps, blazing. *dies* Michael's my Greg at road ahead and Kristen is in Twilight of course, and they've been together for a couple years. Anyway, I don't know what's in that pipe, but I'm just sayin'. I find this funny as hell, and Michael looks adorable. Kristen has stoned!face sometimes anyway so it's not too surprising, but then again maybe RPattz has had an influence on her after all. *snort* I do feel kind of bad for them; surely they didn't know they were on camera, but still. When you're in the number one movie in America? Probably not a good idea to get blazed on your front steps in broad daylight. :/

-- On that note, I hope everyone who celebrates it has a great Thanksgiving! Drive safely. Also, take a cue from our president-elect, and have lots of pie. (eta: moar pie lulz)

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-- I took off work today because I had to get an electrician to come. Turned out the main circuit breaker was fried; somehow some water had got into it. The electrician guy sealed it off and replaced the breaker and everything came back. It didn't take long at all before I heard the furnace kick on again. *rolls around in warm house* Last night I slept at my mom's house because it was so cold.

-- Since I took off today unexpectedly, I don't know if I'll be able to take this Friday off as scheduled. Hopefully so.

-- LJ is not giving me notifications on time, if at all. This has been happening to most people I know of. For the record, I'm over the whole server move thing and would like them to move back now kthx.

-- Life's fairly boring at the moment, so I haven't got much else to say. Hope everyone's good, though. Huge hugs to anyone who needs them tonight.

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Moar TV.

Dexter! )


Also, [livejournal.com profile] ladybirdington, in case you didn't read the spoilery stuff, Lee was totally in this episode of True Blood. With a guitar. *drool* I'll totally cap and icon for you.
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I think the fuse leading to the furnace is blown. =(

Earlier, the power to the two back bedrooms in my house went out, and since the little circuit breaker switch wasn't flipped in the wrong direction, I'm not sure why. (I mean, I can see how the fuse might blow -- there are tv/various media players and consoles/computer/everything associated with said computer, all hooked up in the one bedroom, but they have been hooked up there for a really long time with no issue, so I don't know why they decided to blow now.) In any case, usually, when the circuit breaker trips, the switch for the affected area is flipped differently than all the others -- you unplug stuff, flip it back, and everything comes back on. Not the case this time.

Anyway, since the circuit breaker switch wasn't flipped the wrong way, I started to worry if other things had gone out too without my knowledge, and discovered that one wall of my main bedroom and one wall in my kitchen all share the same circuit. Good thing I checked, too, because otherwise I don't know when I would have discovered that my refrigerator was plugged into one of the bad walls. Heh.

Now, the temperature in my house is slowwwwly falling. I guess that one blew too.

*cuddles under blankets*

Calling the electric company/electrician/whatever in the morning. If there's something up with my heat, then I'm not sure I want to wait until Friday, when I'd already scheduled a day off, to stay home and wait for someone.

You know, I bet it's something really simple, too. I hate calling someone and then finding out that it wasn't anything major. Don't get me wrong; I'd rather spend money once for the service call and have it be simple than have to spend even more on something major, but it does make me feel kind of foolish.

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Gah, I missed my post for yesterday.

Oh, well. :P

Anyway, it's late and I'm kind of bored but not motivated to do much to change that. So, I'm watching The West Wing.

Also, I think I'm the only person on my flist (at least out of the ones who've read Twilight), who hasn't seen the movie yet and isn't even considering it. I don't know, ya'll ... there just aren't enough lulz in the world to make me drop nine bucks on something I know will be bad. Maybe if I weren't paying for it, it'd be different. And if I'd liked the books on any level, of course I'd see it, but I feel like Meyer hasn't earned my money.

She has chagrined my dazzle.

'Course, maybe I'm just cheap. ;) I do think Slumdog Millionaire would be a better way to spend my money, but it's not playing near me.

Now there's going to be a sequel, and the madness will never end.

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-- First, the dorky: I cannot contain my squee over the fact that Smallville is on tonight. I cant. Wait. To see what happens. I am such a nerd about this it's not even funny. Hell, even Supernatural looks like it's going to be pretty good; if only because last week was a bit of a cliffhanger. Also, I'm liking Anna/Hildy from Mad Men. ;)

-- I signed up for Netflix. *headdesk* I've been resisting, but it's actually kind of cool and pretty cheap. I started out by ordering the entire series of The West Wing one disk at a time. :P I've recently decided that I need to catch up with it. *nod* When it first aired on television, I couldn't get into it; I guess because I was young and not really into politics, etc. Better late than never, though.

-- Go do my poll if you want a holiday card from me this year!

-- Now for spoilery discussion of True Blood.

Twilight and True Blood are matter and anti-matter; if you put them in the same room together, the universe would cease to exist. )

That got long, so I think that's enough for one post.

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So, I was going to post about Dexter and True Blood today.

However, I lost my checkbook, and now I'm grumpy. So I'll do it tomorrow.

Off to call the bank.

Rar. (at self)
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In which I hope LJ doesn't drop away before I get a chance to finish this post. According to LJ, I have 40 minutes, so I should be good. I'm suspecting that the outage might be longer than four hours, so it was either post now or do today's entry over on IJ. :P

And since it's early and I haven't got much to really say, let's talk about TV. Two shows today: Gossip Girl (shut up), and Grey's Anatomy. Yes, I watch too much television.

Spoilers ahoy.

Gossip Girl (shut up) -- in which Aaron Neville -- hee --is a douche but it's funny because it's not happening to me )

Grey's Anatomy -- in which Owen is Charlie Weasley made flesh )

I was going to talk about Dexter and True Blood as well, my totally non-guilty pleasures because they are two of the best things on TV at the moment, but with ten minutes to spare before LJ goes away for the day, I'll save those for tomorrow.

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Tomorrow, LJ goes away. From about 11am Eastern to, um ... not sure for how long. Four hours, at least. And they'll phase it in, when it comes back, so that not everything will be available right away.

I won't whine and wish that the LJ folks could just come in the middle of the night to do their thing. That would be immature. >_>

So. Fun times. XD Anyhow, I'll probably be Twittering more than usual, so feel free to join me over there, and InsaneJournal should be quite busy, so I'll be poking around there as well.

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Hoookay, I'm really getting this in under the wire. But I've been writing my [livejournal.com profile] smutty_claus fic all day, and it's finished now, for better or for worse. *wibbles* Off to beta.

Guys, I got nothing today in the way of NaBloPoMo, but I would like to post that holiday card poll thing that's been going around. The poll is only viewable to me, so feel free to leave your name and mailing address if you want me to send you a holday card this year! Or just email me at hnicole83@gmail.com if you'd rather do that. :) Also, if you want to, comment with a link to your card post, if you made one. :D

[Poll #1298204]
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In which I say a few words about last night's Smallville and Supernatural.

Spoilers, obviously.

Smallville )

Supernatural )

[livejournal.com profile] smutty_claus, here I come.

♥ Have a good Friday, everyone.
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** This is shaping up to be a pretty failtastic week when it comes to nablopomo. Hopefully next week will be more interesting?

** At the moment, I'm pretty exhausted, and work today wasn't particularly good, so there's that.

** I've barely done any RPing (comparatively) this week or last which is failtastic in its own right. I really want to, but by the time I get home I'm so tired lately. As it is, the boys are bouncing around in my head and feeling restless.

** Still, I've been plugging away on fest/exchange/challenge fic, which sucks my concentration away from other fannish things. But my fic muse seems to be sticking around for now, and that feels good. :D

** And tonight is Smallville and SPN, so that's something. :D

You guys have anything that'll make me smile? Limericks, hugs, links, videos, eye candy, rahm spam, anything?

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So, I didn't technically do a NaBloPoMo entry yesterday, but I did post twice, and one of them was a fic, so I think I get a pass. *nod* Anyway.

** Apparently [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_project (the epic MWPP fanfic) was hacked, as well as the journal of the person who maintains it. By some Russian hacker tools, it seems. That sucks. Might be time to dust off the old LJ Archive. Especially considering the weird but probably unrelated friending-and-defriending by random empty Russian journals thing that's been happening to me and a few others I know of lately. Meh.

** Three more days until the [livejournal.com profile] smutty_claus deadline, so I'd best get cracking, huh? When it's done I'll be able to post my tables for [livejournal.com profile] 7snogs without feeling guilty. :P I'm kind of glad I didn't sign up for any more holiday exchanges -- then again, the winter fest season is still young.

** Top Chef starts tonight! :D I'll be happy to have my weekly Bravo fix back. I could never really get into Top Design.

I think that's it.

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I got these questions from [livejournal.com profile] voldxcore. Thanks, bb.

Fandom-wise, what ships do you like to read and hate to read?

ramble )


Nov. 10th, 2008 01:23 am
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It's 1:24 am. I missed my nablopomo post for today/yesterday I guess.

sry. This will count as my Adventures in Blogging #9, k?

However, I am incredibly punchy and about to sleep so this is going to be short. Something better tomorrow/today, promise.

I made some good progress on my [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry fic. YAY.

But more importantly, I have just discovered that you can request Obama/Rahm fic at [livejournal.com profile] yuletide. I find this lulzy as hell and I wonder if anyone will do so. FTR, I don't really get the whole RPF thing, but this is too, too funny. Or I just need some sleep.

I love fandom. Just in general. ♥ you all.


*hits pillow and crashes*
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-- Not much to report. I haven't done much with my Saturday. Had to go home (well, not home anymore, but for some reason I end up calling my parents' house 'home' even though I have my own place now -- I think because I still see MD as home more than PA) and drive my mom's car to the shop to repair a dent in the hood, and I did a little winter shopping. I love this time of year -- though really, I guess I like all the season changes. They seem to come along whenever I get tired of the current one. :P It's one thing I like about where I live. Four distinct seasons. I don't think I'd want to live somewhere it was always hot, or vice versa. At the very least, it limits wardrobe choices. ;)

-- My hair is covered in conditioner at the moment. It smells nice. XD

-- I think I'll take a page out of [livejournal.com profile] sugarquill39's book and ask you guys for some things to blog about so I can keep doing this every day. *g* Nothing's really inspiring me out of my Alphabet meme (at least, not today).
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-- Firstly, in the random odd news department, on watching Rachel Maddow last night I discovered that Bhutan now has a new king -- the world's youngest monarch. He's King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and he's a total cutie. Seriously. Only 28, too. I kind of want to visit Bhutan now.

-- Secondly, and somewhat related to yesterday's post, LJ is doing odd things again. Some kind of option that makes your LJ searchable by email? To make it more -- what -- facebook-y? I don't know. I opted out of it, because this journal doesn't have a whole lot to do with my RL anyway; even though I talk about my RL here, few people in RL read my LJ, and I sort of feel like if I want people to access it I'll just link them myself. (side note: I don't know that I want LJ to be more facebook-y; for one, I have a facebook and for two, facebook.com and all the other social network thingies are blocked at work whereas LJ is not. I feel like LJ is kind of a sekrit place where you can see and read all sorts of things that you normally would not even be able to access at work. :P)

-- I just finished watching last night's Smallville. I find it sort of bittersweet and ironic that the season in which the writers finally get their act together might be the last one. :/ I can honestly say that I'm enjoying this season of Smallville, plot-wise, more than Supernatural or Heroes, and that's saying something. (I've always been a SV fan, but I've had no illusions about the quality of the writing for the past two seasons.)

Supernatural is still great, but only because the boys are so pretty and adorable. I don't know if I'm feeling the plot this season. The first couple episodes were brilliant, and now it's just a mixture of filler episodes in which Sam and Dean are adorable, and then odd religious/allegorical stuff that Kripke's not really sure what to do with. I don't know; for me it was better when they were dealing more with family and brotherhood dynamics and just living the life.

And Heroes is just, well, weird. I still really like both shows, but maybe I was just expecting more, whereas with Smallville, I wasn't expecting much and so far I'm really pleased. (Plus, seriously, Clark in shirtsleeves every week? It's hypnotic.)

That's enough rambling for tonight, I think. ♥

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