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+ I haven't checked my f-list in what feels like days which is weird for me. TRYING TO CATCH UP. If you've come across anything important I might have missed, link? I'm only checking your LJs so any stuff in communities and feeds is gonna have to slide until the weekend.

+ Still nothing re: Bingley. All your comments mean SO MUCH, and I will answer them; I just... haven't? :/ Now I've done everything I can I feel distinctly weird and avoidy about it all. I've been posting a lot on tumblr; I'm not sure when picspamming became a stress-mechanism, but.

+ World Cup! I'm really excited. It's up there with the Olympics in terms of sporting events I get excited about. There are some teams I like - Brazil, Spain, US (obligatory), but mostly I get caught up in the fun of it. I don't care who wins. Even work is fun during the World Cup. On our campus there are more people from all over the world than from the States, and since football's huge pretty much everywhere but here, the whole campus buzzes with excitement and ESPN is always playing on the TVs in the cafeteria, etc. Also, hotties. Mexico is playing South Africa as we speak and Rafael Marquez looks like a straight-up model. Just thought you should know my thought process.

+ This weekend will be packed. I'm hanging with some fandom friends tomorrow, which is always good times.

+ I've been watching Breaking Bad this week. It's ridiculously good. Also recently caught up on The Pacific, The Good Wife, Torchwood: Children of Earth (season 4 yay!), and I'm finishing Parks and Recreation. True Blood starts season 3 on Sunday. Doctor Who is winding down (sad). Leverage starts S3 soon, but hopefully not too soon for me to get caught up on season 2.

TV-TOWN, basically. No idea how I'm going to fit it all in. What's everyone watching? Doing anything fun this weekend? I MISS Y'ALL.
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Still no Bingley. My day has consisted of walking around outside, coming back in, doing stuff for a while, then going back outside. And I called the SPCA shelter near me to leave my info in case anyone drops him there. auuuuuugh

Somewhere in there, I watched Doctor Who. I don't have much in the way of a full review but brief )


Feb. 6th, 2010 05:38 pm
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It has stopped snowing, yay! I think the total in my town is two feet and some change. Anyway, Bingley and I just got in from some rudimentary shoveling.

Seriously, it wasn't much. It consists of a single tunnel dug from the carport to the sidewalk. Bingley mostly "shoveled" a little bit of the grass and dirt I accidentally uncovered by miscalculating where the driveway stops and my yard starts. WIN.

Tomorrow, the real work begins.

I have pics, because Bingley doesn't play in the snow very much. He wouldn't look at the camera, though. *g* I put his leash on so I wouldn't lose him in a snow drift, although he's decidedly less white and more apricot when juxtaposed against all the snow, so I don't think it would have been a problem.

he really needs a haircut )

damn puppy

Jan. 21st, 2010 06:13 pm
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Bingley got upstairs (again) while I was out and, from the looks of things, invited a bunch of his friends over and had a house party.

But funnily enough they're all gone now, and it's just him. Sitting in the middle of a mess, looking all pitiful.

*eyes him* He's lucky he's cute. And that he doesn't appear to have chewed anything important.

*goes to clean up*

You guys are bringing back memories. Nina freaking Moreno for one thing, srsly.


Nov. 11th, 2009 05:32 pm
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+ Is nine months too old for a puppy to start trying hump legs? Ew Ew Ewwwww. I feel like I just got him last week!




My Twitter feed tells me I'm lucky he waited so long. Apparently he's a late bloomer.

*pats him* Poor woob isn't even likely to meet any potential girlfriends or boyfriends with his current social schedule.

Is that too much information? That was probably too much information.

+ In other news, Dollhouse is canceled and I am disappointed but ... not? It was REALLY getting too squicky for me.

+ In other other news, Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris are engaged. I think they are adorable together and am very amused at SPN fandom right now. Also, Danneel is awesome.

+ IDK this post is pointless, but at least I didn't mention Merlin?

Oh wait.

oh, lawd.

Aug. 3rd, 2009 07:07 pm
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Bingley has figured out how to leave the basement while I'm not home. (Because I'm afraid of him getting into things when I'm not home, he pretty much has the run of my bottom floor, which opens out into the yard. Said basement doesn't have a door leading upstairs; all I can do is gate off the staircase.) Anyway, I got in this evening and he was upstairs chilling.

Do I even want to know how he climbed/jumped/flew/levitated over the gate? Freaky puppy is freaky.

My shoes are intact, as far as I can tell. His face was a bit hilarious, though. He's all "SORRY ...that I got caught, mwahaha." *runs around in circles*"

Urgh, at some point I will make another post, of the non-canine variety. I am so behind on everything.
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+ Happy Birthday [personal profile] gnimaerd! Hope you've had a fantastic day. It's fun being f-listies with you and squeeing over Merlin and our respective crushes therein. XD And you got me writing RPF, which is no mean feat. *g* Cheers for being such a cool person, seriously. ♥

+ I've got a rental car while mine is in the shop. It's nice, but I've never had a rental car before, and I'm freaking paranoid about scratching it or something.

+ Whilst out driving and being paranoid today, I listened to my new copy of the HBP score. It's gorgeous in parts; I think I almost like it better than the PoA score which is my favorite of the lot. Anyway I am EXTREMELY excited for the film, which I never thought I'd say since HBP was my least favorite of the books. Oh, HP, my first true fannish love. ♥ I shall never really leave you.

+ Finished reading Kushiel's Dart (first in the Kushiel's Legacy books) by Jacqueline Carey. Highly recommended, by the way. It's definitely not without its problems but it's also pretty freaking EPIC. I love the main character and her more than worthy antagonist; I love the richly detailed universe and all the political intrigue throughout. Moving on to the next installment immediately, kthnx. I haven't read something so immersive in a while.

+ Okay, I'm off. Bingley needs a bath, and I have five-times fic to write, and other stuffs to do. ♥
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...that at three months and one week old, and just over five pounds, Bingley can now jump up onto the couch by himself.

Oh lord.

He also enjoys chewing anything BUT the things I buy for him including multiple types of paper, cords and power supplies, and he ships himself/my feet, and himself/my laptop hardcore.

He is also considerably less shy and reserved than he was when I got him. Considerably.

He is, however, so effing cute.

That is all.

pics, FYT )
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+ I cave. Seeing Star Trek later. The chatter on LJ and Twitter is making me really jealous/bouncy. I'm so excited for Uhura (guh, Zoe) and Sulu (guh, John Cho) and Spock (guh, Zachary) and Kirk (guh, Chris). :P I'll share my thoughts on the actual content afterward, should anyone be interested in the thoughts of a novice barely!Trekkie.

+ I've got to catch up on Grey's and SPN, both of which, I hear, are going to kill me. I don't know when I'll have time. Setting the DVR for Dollhouse, too, but I'll probably watch that one ahead of the others.

+ My bb Joe Gordon Levitt is in this month's Esquire magazine looking nerdyhot for ten whole pages. I cannot explain my fascination with that skinny hipster. I blame RA. (Side note: I love how the Megan Fox spread from the same issue is on 93242 different blogs already, but no one's bothered to scan Joe's shoot. Can the pretty men not be objectified too?) I will probably post/link the scans here whenever they pop up, but you can check my twitter for a preview if you don't mind the slight glare; I took some photos of the pages from my phone during my lunch break. :P

+ Tomorrow after taking Bingley to the vet, I will be holing myself up in the library for a few hours. Fun. But I'll probably get more done there than in my House Of Distractions.
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+ I didn't get any writing done last night. *sigh* In my defense, I didn't get in until around 9pm, but still. This whole block thing? Not fun; I don't suggest any of you try it. Maybe once I'm clear of my exam next week I'll be able to focus better. Meanwhile, [livejournal.com profile] hp_rarities has got to happen tonight, considering that I'll be preparing for my exam later in the week. If any of you see me online - if I pop up on YM, or if I comment on your journal, scold me. Don't be afraid to be firm.

+ Part of this block might be because of my inability to put down the SGA, HP, and Merlin fanfiction. Admitting that I have a problem is the first step.

+ I left Bingley in his pen all night, and he whined for most of it. *sigh* I feel like I'm punishing him when he's really perfectly well-behaved upstairs with me, but then again, it only took two days for me to tire of him peeing in inappropriate places, so structure is good.

+ Meh, that's all. I'm mostly watching the last half-hour of my workday trudge by.
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+ Thanks for everyone's advice and name input on my puppy spam post from Saturday. I decided to name him Bingley. Because he's bouncy and excitable and pouts when I leave the room. Very Bingley-like. :P Took him to Petsmart yesterday, which he liked because he got to see some other dogs and get cooed over by the staff who were trying to sell me things. Got him a nametag and some new food and a little pen to set up in the basement. And he is eating, which is good. Even managed to pee on the newspaper once yesterday, but I'm fairly certain that was a fluke.

+ Two classes left - well, one if you don't count next Monday's exam. I'll be glad when that's over.

+ I watched some Buffy DVDs this weekend; I'd forgot how awesome season 3 was. And every episode is better with Faith. *nods* Eliza was so much better on Buffy than she is in Dollhouse. *wistful* But to be fair, part of that is that Echo (well, Caroline more than Echo) is infinitely less interesting than Faith was.

+ Stuff wot I must do today:

- Finish mock-grant proposal due at tonight's class
- Work on [livejournal.com profile] hp_rarities fic, due v.v. soon (actually overdue, but none of you will be surprised)
- Finish a post for RA
- attempt [livejournal.com profile] thelittlebang fic

Well, if nothing else, I'll finish the first one. XD

Puppy Spam

May. 2nd, 2009 05:13 pm
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I got a puppy today! *bounces* I've been going back and forth on whether to get one since the end of last year and finally did. :D

He's a bichon/poodle mix, which means he's pretty much a furball, and he's ten weeks old. The guy who sold him to me said he's 'apricot' in color; this seems to only apply to his ears because the rest of his coat is white. He's only going to be about ten pounds when he's grown. I'm nervous! We had dogs, cats, birds and goldfish when I was growing up, but it's never been just me.

I just brought him home after swinging him by the folks' house to show him off. He seems pretty mild-mannered so far, but I suspect that's because he's a little sad to've left his brother and his other friends. :( He hasn't eaten anything yet, even though I put food out. :/ We'll see how it goes. I'm supposed to give him wet food if he doesn't eat the dry stuff that he was eating at the kennel.

Mostly, he won't leave my side (presently he is curled at my feet while I sit on the couch) and whines when I go upstairs. This could be a problem because I plan to keep him in the basement when I'm at work and set up a little pen for him there.

Also, I don't know what I'm going to call him yet. :P I'm thinking Bingley, or Wesley, or Darcy. IDK. I'm going to think of a few more names and maybe I'll make a poll and ya'll can help me. XD

Any new puppy tips?

Also, I took pics:
spam beneath the cut )

*ponders names some more*

ETA: he ate something! A small amount of something, but something. I took him outside and played with him some, and he seems to be in a better mood, if tired from the long day of traveling. XD

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