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Second of all, SKIP TO 2:37 IT WILL BE THE HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR DAY... if you are me.


+ In other news, Sons of Anarchy finale last night: I AM SAD OVER CERTAIN EVENTS AND CLIFFHANGERS SHOULD BE GUNNED DOWN ON A HIGHWAY WITH A SAWN-OFF. That's all I have to say about that. SoA is one great show.


Back to work, thank you for indulging me in distracting myself.
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So either this is a very peculiar camera angle, or Joe Gordon-Levitt finds Leo DiCaprio's crotch fascinating.

idek, ya'll. Oh, Joe. ♥

...okay, I should go back to making banners now.
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Saw 500 Days of Summer today.

SEE IT. Definitely right next to Star Trek as one of the best things I've watched all year. And my expectations were high, as some of you will know. *g*

It made me laugh (a lot) and, surprisingly, tear up a bit, and bits of it were so much like a relationship I've had that it was kind of uncanny -- but I think most people who've been in a thing that didn't work out would see something in the film that they recognise.

Also, JGL is. Just. IDEK. <333 I couldn't get enough of his funny hair and dimples and skinny suits and ties and VESTS and obnoxiously large headphones and surprisingly sinewy forearms. And there was singing and dancing. And that ending. SIGH.

A+ movie, would see again, is what I'm trying to say.

FYT, here's 57 seconds of drunk!Joe singing The Pixies.
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+ More money quotes here. God, stop being such a boss, Adam Lambert. ILU. ♥

And, because I don't think anyone's seen it yet (snerk):

i should probably cut this )

Whyyyyy is this cover so hot? I think it's the snake. I don't know but my ears are all red and hot and flushy just looking at it. I don't usually... whatever; I can't really explain it.

+ Now, looky, more Joe GL and Zooey being adorable in the new 500 Days of Summer trailer. I am dead from the clip at the end, btw. Oh, Joe, you fantastic dork.

under the cut )
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+ Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] emiime! <3 Hope you're having a great day.

+ I have been having intermittent problems with Gmail all day. *mutter*

+ The reboot fic continues to be extremely diverting. Between the kink meme and the drabble challenge, there are too many lovely nuggets to rec. So just go splash around. :D

+ I am avoiding thinking about some particularly stressful real-life financial crap at the moment, so please, allow me to spam ya'll with some JGL, y/y?

500 Days of Summer photo collage in which Joe and Zooey D. are gorgeous and I ship them like it's my job )

+ Hugs to everyone who needs them today.
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+ I cave. Seeing Star Trek later. The chatter on LJ and Twitter is making me really jealous/bouncy. I'm so excited for Uhura (guh, Zoe) and Sulu (guh, John Cho) and Spock (guh, Zachary) and Kirk (guh, Chris). :P I'll share my thoughts on the actual content afterward, should anyone be interested in the thoughts of a novice barely!Trekkie.

+ I've got to catch up on Grey's and SPN, both of which, I hear, are going to kill me. I don't know when I'll have time. Setting the DVR for Dollhouse, too, but I'll probably watch that one ahead of the others.

+ My bb Joe Gordon Levitt is in this month's Esquire magazine looking nerdyhot for ten whole pages. I cannot explain my fascination with that skinny hipster. I blame RA. (Side note: I love how the Megan Fox spread from the same issue is on 93242 different blogs already, but no one's bothered to scan Joe's shoot. Can the pretty men not be objectified too?) I will probably post/link the scans here whenever they pop up, but you can check my twitter for a preview if you don't mind the slight glare; I took some photos of the pages from my phone during my lunch break. :P

+ Tomorrow after taking Bingley to the vet, I will be holing myself up in the library for a few hours. Fun. But I'll probably get more done there than in my House Of Distractions.
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...so I will pass along this vid I just watched in which Joe Gordon-Levitt is a ginormous dork whilst answering questions about his new movie, 500 Days of Summer.

under the cut )

It's about five minutes long, so for tl;dw folks, the best part is at 1:03. To wit:

Guy in Audience: "What was it like kissing Zooey (Deschanel)?"

Joe: "Soft." (bolding and emphasis totally Joe's, not mine)

Oh. Oh, I BET it was.

♥ Back to attempting to write.

OMG <3

Mar. 3rd, 2009 09:28 pm
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Joe and Zooey, why you gotta be so freaking adorable? *_*

new 500 Days of Summer Trailer )

Joe Gordon-Levitt, I want to have your pretentious hipster babies; I don't even CARE. NNNGH.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled ... whatever you were doing.
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Just real quick:

specs. smile. scruff. sexy hair. SPECS. )

At some point I'm sure I'll get over my obsession. I can't promise that it will be soon.
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(10) Jensen Ackles (animated)
(11)Joseph-Gordon-Levitt (animated)

Comment if you take; always appreciated
Credit, please -- [livejournal.com profile] heather11483
Textless icons are not bases, and please don't hotlink!

Jensen Ackles -- Eye of the Tiger )

Joe-GL - NYT Style Mag )
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So, Joseph Gordon Levitt just posted a video about why he's an Obama guy. He doesn't actually show his face in it (or even announce his name in it b/c he's too awesome to do it for attention), but he sounds sexy so I've played it through twice already. :P And I must share it because so many of my flisters heart Joe too.

It's political, obvs; pls to be not watching if uninterested: )

What a dork. ♥

obligatory Joe GIF:
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-- So first, a pimp. It's not for a fic, and it's not for anything I did, and for once, it's not my RPG (LOL); it's just a set of icons like the one I've used in this post that are pretty much made of win. There's a whole slew of them here.

Yeah. That's right.

-- I went to do the volunteering thing last night. It was pretty neat, and this week I'll be working myself up to making a few phone calls for my guy.

-- I'm excited about the new tv premiering in the next few weeks. So, since I can't think of anything else to say for this post, I made a little picspam to celebrate. Warning, some might find these spoilery, but then again I hate spoilers and didn't feel spoiled at all, so. clicky for new promos/stills from Smallville, SPN, Dexter, and a bonus new picture of my bb Joseph Gordon-Levitt )

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