Jul. 7th, 2011 12:14 pm
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The Boy Who Lived Forever

An article on fanfiction that isn't condescending and irritating! In TIME!

Fan fiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don’t do it for money. That’s not what it’s about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They’re fans, but they’re not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.


*goes back to trying to watch a livestream of the DH premiere at work*

*shut up, it's the last one ever*
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MAN, YOU GUYS. I feel like I miss y'all all the time because I go through these periods without posting/commenting. The thing is, I'm in a phase where I have not been feeling like engaging with fandom lately beyond talking about stuff that barely anyone else is watching. :P I've also been spending a lot of time on tumblr. But neither of these things are valid reasons not to engage with my f-list! So I'm trying to get better at commenting and answering comments and stuffs. Basically I don't want to only show up around here when I get mad about something, hee. So anyway, some things:

+ Parks and Recreation is back and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. I love everyone in that bar.
+ I watched Sanctuary over the holidays -- it's actually pretty good! The first season was hard for me to get into, but it found its stride in season 2.
+ Side-eyeing Chris Nolan for his choices re: The Dark Knight Rises. Love Tom Hardy, but he should not be playing Bane. Bane is not white. Love Anne Hathaway, but I wouldn't have thought of her for Selina Kyle, although that one's more of a wait-and-see for me.
+ Being Human is back on Sunday. BEING HUMAN IS BACK ON SUNDAY. I haven't watched the US version because I'm just not sure I can take the secondhand embarrassment at this stage, however, I DID watch the US Skins premiere. It's kind of terrible but I'll be honest, I'm probably going to keep watching because I'm interested in what they'll do with Tea.
+ I just finished reading the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. I couldn't help comparing it to The Hunger Games just because even though it doesn't have the same derivative Battle Royale ripoff premise, it does have some parallels about war and resistance and politics and stuff, and is also a YA post-apoc (sort of) trilogy of some notoriety. Except for me, Chaos Walking is SO MUCH BETTER. Mostly because Ness is a better storyteller than Collins IMO, and the characterizations were stronger, the plot felt much more cohesive. It's intense and heartbreaking and SOUL-DESTROYING but it's a good, quick read and I'd recommend it if you like YA stuff. Also: OTP of OTPs, feelings explosion, etc. Without getting all spoilery.
+ I just started reading Game of Thrones, because I'm more and more excited about HBO's adaptation of it that's coming in April. The trailers just look so amazing (Lena! Bean!), even though pseudo-European fantasy worlds are starting to bug me on principle. Anyway, I'm not far into the book yet, but it's good so far.

Brief assorted linkspam!
+ [personal profile] glass_icarus' Potluck blogging festival, for multicultural and intersectional discussions and writings about food.
+ According to my f-list I should read Pairing: Pendragon/Merlin. Everyone from every fandom is reccing this fic, haha. OKAY OKAY I WILL
+ Camelot Fleet Finishathon. Looks so amazing this year.
+ Really, really interesting and important discussion on "piracy" (specifically e-books for the most part), and the inherent privilege that goes along with defending Western Imperialist notions of intellectual property.

Finally, a meme, which you should all do, because I often feel like talking but don't know what to talk about! So, ask me anything you want to know!

Ask me a fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general. Questions can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta. Whatever you want.
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So many of you will have read about this handy flowchart, courtesy of, all about female characters and how to avoid turning them into stereotypes. SPOILER ALERT, basically every female character ever is a stereotype, there's only one way to be a strong female character, and if a woman embodies a single trope, she is doomed to be completely worthless and not worth anyone's time, no matter the context, no matter who she is, no matter what she's done. No matter how few of these narratives are geared towards them to begin with; no matter how much THAT is the actual problem here.

Also there are real women on this flowchart too, along with the fictional ones! Being reduced, to tropes. REAL WOMEN. And... this is supposed to be good! This is supposed to be confronting misogyny so that it can be avoided in the future. Because the best way to combat sexism and the oft two-dimensional portrayals of women in fiction (AND IN ...REAL LIFE APPARENTLY???!!) is to make a big-ass chart about how all these bitches ain't shit.

Every time I look at the flowchart I get so angry! So many characters reduced to bare-bones tropes and deemed worthless! Ellen Ripley, Nyota Uhura, Faye Valentine, I could go on! The longer I stare at it, the more fail I find; it's ... it's full fractal fail! It is fail at every conceivable level of resolution! Zooming in on any single aspect of the fail reveals just as much fail as the entity of the whole fail!

And I just hate it SO. MUCH, it, it -- flames. Flames. Flames? FLAMES. ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE.

Heaving breaths, etc.

So I really just wanted to compile a linkspam of things I have seen or read on my f-list, on tumblr, and otherwise that help me to deal with my sudden-onset anger management issues upon looking at that flowchart. Because people have been very eloquent and wonderful, and most importantly coherent, about this in a way I am not managing to be, on account of the flames.


+ Dear Yoko Ono: you shouldn't even be here by [personal profile] bossymarmalade. (Warning: reading this post may induce an urge to send the OP flowers.)
+ [ profile] rawles and [ profile] mekosuchinae laying the smackdown over on Tumblr
+ more pwnage by [ profile] mekosuchinae
+ How can we write when our tropes are burning? by [ profile] tielan
+ Feminism, and how I thought we'd been over this already by [personal profile] havocthecat (full of more links of awesome!)
+ FEMALE GIF PARTY at [ profile] irony_rocks' journal - go leave some gifspam! I've been right-click-saving like a mofo.
+ How to be a nuanced male character by [personal profile] dagas_isa

And, now seems to be a good time to pimp the Bechdel Test comment ficathon!

Whew. I feel better already.

's all I got for now! I have some thoughts on Glee, The Good Wife, and Sons of Anarchy, but those are for another post, I think.
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+ Thank you so much to whomever did this! Seriously. The anonymous love meme is great and you should all nom people and check out the index because there's tons of names to love on.

Now, while I'm here, some stuff:

- [ profile] mrinalinee on why Outsourced is actually the worst. WORRRRRST.

- Mostly inspired by you guys, I'm thinking of doing a thirty day female characters picspam meme on here and tumblr. Can I actually stick to it and finish it? WE SHALL SEE.

- speaking of female characters, there are very few to speak of in The Social Network. That is why I don't really care about it, Sorkin or no Sorkin. Not because it's the "Facebook Movie" (though I do hate Facebook), not because I am being a Cool Kid who's ~above it all~, but because I'm broke and don't have the extra money to spend on a narrative about affluent white boys and their lives, one that is supposed to ~define my generation~ as a Y-er, but in which I see no evidence of anything relating to my actual experiences. Maybe later, I will rent it. *kanye shrug*

- that last point was for you, Tumblr.

- I do love the soundtrack, though.

- [community profile] undercovers! I love that show you guys; it reminds me of shows like Leverage in terms of adorableness. I watch ach week completely blown away by Gugu Mbatha-Raw's face. If it gets cancelled I shall never recover.

- I am also watching Nikita. Which is actually not terrible, if you ignore the improbable plot and Shane West, whom I can't take seriously. And it's a shame because he really really wants me to take him seriously, you can tell by his Serious Face. [personal profile] glass_icarus likes to call his permanent expression that of a grumpy teddy bear, and I think that fits. HOWEVER, Nikita is great, Alex is great, and I'm two eps behind but looking forward to catching up.

- I was going to review TVD, but it wasn't my favorite episode in a lot of ways, and also I am lazy.

- I'm in a weird mood. kind of grumpy, but very hyper as I've had sugar. That might explain this mess of a post.

- ...that's about it. Happy Monday errbody. ♥ How you doin', say hey if you want!


Aug. 17th, 2010 01:10 pm
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Not top five things - I'M WORKING ON IT - but things!

+ [ profile] femgenficathon's master list is up! I love this fest every year; it always turns out some rare and wonderful stuff. Check it out! More than 70 stories in 40 fandoms.

+ Writers' Round Table at [community profile] camelot_fleet. I love that post and have bookmarked it because it's full of tips and tools for writing all sorts of fic. The ever-awesome [personal profile] briar_pipe is adding new topics every day through Saturday and it's still hopping, so give it a read! It's turning into a great resource. I'm so proud of the Fleet, and even though I'm co-mod, I wish I could take credit for the wonderful and unique sorts of things we get up to over there. *hearts Mei, Brains Of The Operation (tm)*

+ Mad Men was fantastic this week and True Blood is INSANE. I don't really have time to review either of them right now, though. *g*

+ Kickoff party at [ profile] onceandfutures got over 1300 comments because people are CRAZY. ♥ But no, I'm really excited about it, I want it to be an open and inviting place for people to frolic, and also have some good discussions hopefully. It'll be funtimes.

+ I've been on a bit of a comics binge after finishing Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and wanting as radical a change of pace as possible. I started reading Runaways and so far, it is the comic of my SOUL. Next on my list (and my hard drive, haha) - Y The Last Man. If anyone has recs for other comics/graphic novels, hit me! (ETA: some FANTASTIC recs in the comments lookit)

+ Finally, Mark Reads Harry Potter, chapter by chapter, and he's never read it before. He's on GoF now and there is much hilarity. Sometimes I really, really miss that series.

Hope everyone's having a good one! ♥
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+ First, a vid rec! [ profile] sweetestdrain's Make Something Good, gorgeous Gwen-centric vid in which she is awesome and there is Arthur/Gwen/Merlin OT3ness all over the place. The vidder highlights some of the parallels and differences between all of Gwen's relationships, really. And did I mention gorgeous?

+ [personal profile] sophieisgod has a bunch of Vividcon recs here that I'm working through too.

+ Moar vid recs! Take Me Home, a celebration of femslash.
All We Have, all about the ladies of Treme. Have I talked about Treme yet? I should talk about Treme at some point.

+ I'm still kind of sitting out of fic challenges right now, but [personal profile] camelotremix/[ profile] camelotremix looks like a lot of fun and I'm tempted - I've never done a remix challenge before, though. I guess first I'd have to figure out whether I even have five Merls fics to submit. I guess I do. *g* Anyway, check it out! Signups (on DW/on LJ) are open until the 21st.

+ [personal profile] magnetic_pole has Neoliberal Holmes, or, Everything I Learned About Modern Life I Learned from Sherlock, and it is POWERFUL.

That's it for now. Hope everyone's having a good Wednesday/week/whatever!
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+ Sigh. Not really getting comment notifications at all, so I'm really sorry for failing to reply to things. I've got to remember to manually check posts I've made/been in.

+ So Avatar opened and it SUCKS. (Not that I've seen it, but every. single. review I've read concurs that it's a total disaster on every level, even beyond the racism and sexism.) I wish the actors the best in their future endeavors but guys, I feel so perversely gleeful reading those reviews. And sad at the same time, because I knew there was fail, but I didn't realise how many cool characters were cut (Jun, Teo, Suki/the Kyoshi for example), and how little agency female characters were given compared to the series. How little agency ANY marginalized group was given compared to the series.

THAT SAID, M Night Shyamalan specifically is getting heavily scapegoated here and it's not right, for a lot of reasons. I don't like the guy or anything he chooses to be, but the responsibility for this film's fail hardly starts with him. It's reflective of a problem in Hollywood and society as a whole. [ profile] glockgal has some excellent thoughts on this here. Glock, and, have been utterly amazing through this whole thing. ♥

Anyway, next Friday [ profile] bratkartoffel, [ profile] cloverdew and I are watching series one all day. GOOD TIMES. And I made a picspam on tumblr to make myself feel better. So I'm good.

+ Changing tack, [ profile] zahrawithaz has written some Doctor Who gender meta that I thought was pretty smart: On Sexualizing Amy Pond. Because it is both possible and preferable to unpack gender issues in media without tearing down the characters themselves.

+ I'm officially on staycation! Left work early today, and the holiday weekend should be gorgeous weather-wise, if a bit hot. Looking forward to getting out and enjoying it.

If any of you USians are traveling, I hope you have a safe trip!
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+ I'm probably the last person on my f-list to post about the DH trailer, but yeah, I watched the DH trailer! And it was amazing! I nearly cried.

I realise canon's been closed for almost three years now, but after the last films come out, it's really over when it comes to new material. Kind of hard to process. HP was my first real fandom and even though I've been into a lot of different things lately, it's my one true fandom -- the biggest, best, most immersive I've been involved in before or since. I've met so many of you through it. ♥ I doubt I'll ever find a fandom that's quite like it - both the good and the bad.

BUT DID I MENTION THE TRAILER IS AMAZING. Confession: I liked DH -- loved it, actually. Not unreservedly, but overall. I say that as someone who doesn't even ship the canon pairings. To me it was a love letter to the Trio, to me that's as it should be, and if the movie comes anywhere close I doubt I'll be able to get through it without sobbing.

+ Is this real life? EXCUSE ME RTD WTF ARE YOU DOING. I can't describe how much I hate the idea of Americanizing Doctor Who, or of inserting some movie-verse Doctor into things when the franchise is still going strong. Please let it be a hoax.

+ Via Flora, Five More Fictional Beings Bella Swan Should Fall Madly In Love With.

+ I'm taking vacation time next week! Friday's my last day. Including the holiday and weekends, I'll have a total of ten days off to chill, see friends, and get stuff done. Unfortunately I'm too broke to go anywhere far, but stay-cations can be good.

I hope y'all are having a good week! Hugs to everyone who needs one. ♥
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So real human tragedies, and particularly ones that happen to PoC and in majority-PoC countries, do not make good backdrops for stories about white male heroes and their manpain and their self-discovery and their epic love and their whatever the hell. Ever.

Forever ever? Forever EVER.

It's something that apparently still needs to be said so I am boosting the signal. It is not cool to appropriate PoC tragedies like, say, the recent earthquake in Haiti (what what no seriously what), as a setting for stories about nice white people. It is not okay to co-opt and trivialize the lives and deaths of real people in the pursuit of new and ~exotic settings no matter how good the writing or the intentions may be. That goes for movie producers and professional writers and it also goes for regular folk like us who write porn on the internet.

The second link by [personal profile] amazonziti is an extensive roundup of the debacle currently happening in SPN/J2 fandom.

I also think [personal profile] impertinence's post concerning the author's apology is great, because it's about how being sorry you said something where people who might get offended would see it isn't the same as evaluating the problems with your worldview to begin with.

/signal boost
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+ Fridayfridayfridayfriday. FRIDAY. Looking forward to the weekend. It's been a weird week and I've been a bit cranky, but today I am good. Work's going well (not always a given), Plans to hang with [ profile] cloverdew and [ profile] the_rainbow_jen next weekend -- good times!

Random links and shiz:

+ 'notha Who post I've seen linked around, because there can never be too many Who posts: On disliking female characters, displays of compassion, standards and feminism by [ profile] misscam. I like this one in particular because it manages not to talk down any of the other new Who companions. Apparently there's more than one way to be a strong female character say whaaaaaat.

+ Relatedly, comms I have found to replace [ profile] doctorwho on my reading list: [ profile] pond_life and [ profile] doctoreleven. Sorted!

+ Merlin characters cartoon/chibi-ized by [ profile] felix_aeternus. Beware of extreme cute. No, seriously. Still grinning.

+ Lastly, have a photo of Dustin Hoffman and Jason Bateman kissing at the Lakers game.


How are you guys? Hope you've had a good week. ♥
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Via [ profile] vicky_v, a post: "normal stories" vs slash by [ profile] rm. Wordy McWord, basically.

Distinguishing "normal stories" from slash, what the eff? And warnings, man. Best saved for things that aren't glaringly obvious from the pairing listed. :/ "Warning: slash", or "femslash", or "dudes kissing", or "LOL HET ALERT" isn't funny at all, will never be funny.

Bonus link: Great article on Diane Abbott, who's running for Labour Party leadership in the UK. I don't know a whole lot about UK politics and in fact didn't even know who she was until today, but from what I've read I love everything she chooses to be and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thoroughly excited about the new JJ Abrams pilot for the fall, Undercovers. trailer here! That's Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish from Doctor Who. TISH. FROM DOCTOR WHO. HNNNNNG). As leads. Leads in a spy drama. From JJ Abrams. On primetime NBfuckingC. THIS IS REAL LIFE, APPARENTLY. :D :D :D
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I have been rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender off and on today between cleaning and dog-washing and whatever. Not great time management, but a decent life choice anyway. But it reinforces my heartbreak over That Movie I Would Actually Pay People To Not See.

I've also, just now, been spending too much time grinning over:


and What the eff should I make for dinner dot com.

Which is really all I wished to share with y'all today.

Oh, also, I watched The Losers and ... it was a little dull. Which was weird given all the explosions. Good part? Zoe Saldana causing some of those explosions. I probably should have seen it before Iron Man 2, is the problem.


May. 11th, 2010 12:29 pm
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So I've just, against my better judgement, read up on the latest unfunnybusiness in SPN fandom. Not actually having to do with the show, but when I say unfunny I MEAN unfunny. trigger warning.

Some pertinent links on the victim-blaming that's resulted from [ profile] thenyxie's banning from this year's WinCon (again, triggery, proceed with caution):

it's not that I'm blaming you, it's just that it's your fault by [ profile] impertinence

Fannish spaces, girls, and the culture of silence [ profile] bookshop

Oh, and silence is not consent. It's fucking not. And to say that nothing bad must've happened if the police weren't called reveals a hell of a lot of privilege.

And sorry, but if you're resorting to victim-blaming to defend some random on the internet, it's time to examine why you're so invested in preserving the fucked-up system of rape culture we live in.
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Links of rage:

+ I imagine most people have heard about the law Arizona passed - actually passed - allowing ~suspected immigrants~ (read: people who are not white) to be stopped at any time and asked for proof of citizenship - and actually obligating law enforcement officials to perform these checks. Well, not to be outdone, a legislator in Texas is pushing for a similar law to be passed there. FANTASTIC. @##@###@

+ In other news, Oklahoma has overridden the Governor's veto of an abortion measure that will require all women (victims of rape or incest NOT excluded) seeking an abortion to submit to a vaginal ultrasound. An unnecessary, penetrative ultrasound. By force. That's now LAW in Oklahoma. Never mind that abortion is LEGAL in this country.

Things is fucked up.

Regular-flavored links:

+ Heather Morris (Brittany from Glee) speaks to The Advocate. Firstly, she's LOVELY; secondly, she says she asked Ryan Murphy if there were any plans to explore Brittany/Santana in a less implicit way, and he said no, because it's a primetime show (ugh), but "we'll see what happens". Can't say I'm surprised, though it makes ZERO sense. :/


~never forget~

+ Speaking of Glee, I meant to link this earlier, but [personal profile] ciderpress takes down hipster racism re: Mike Chang here, and does it beautifully.

+ I finally got a chance to read Charles Tan's No Foreigners Allowed, and... I'm just going to link you to the rebuttals - I'm sure most people have seen them by now, but they're brilliant.

An Open Letter to Charles Tan by [personal profile] deepad
No Country for Strangers by [personal profile] ephemere
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First off, Sonoma County CA separates elderly gay couple and sells their home. I don't even, you guys. There are no words. More on what you can do at the link.

+++ So this morning I checked my f-list and had to skip 400 before I was caught up. That's RIDICULOUS, you guys. It's not your entries that are the problem so much as communities and feeds, so I did some trimming of those. Definitely not enough, but I'll worry about that later. Anyway, that means I opened up that long ticky-box list and removed things that way and it's possible I made some mistakes. Since I'm not actually planning on removing any LJ accounts that aren't dead, if I did remove yours by accident, it WAS an accident, and please to let me know so I can re-add you. ♥

+++ There will be True Blood webisodes starting next month, and season 2 is available for pre-order. *\o/*

+++ I am really loving Treme. :D

+++ I haven't been reading much fic lately, which feels weird (and means my 'to-read' tag on Delicious is MASSIVE again). I'll get to it eventually. *g* I've been reading actual books though. Currently reading The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner, which is second in a series that is pretty damn entertaining at the moment. In other news, I love my Kindle.

+++ Are people really whining about Amy's minskirts? Because I hope people aren't really whining about Amy's miniskirts. But I read some things that indicate people are really whining about Amy's miniskirts, and that doesn't even compute.

That's all I got. I hope everyone's weeks are off to a good start!
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+ Obama requests the HHS instate a rule to allow hospital visitation rights for same-sex couples. Operation Bring The U.S. Into This Century continues apace; in other news, I love that man.

+ A la carte icons for LJ! Before LJ started being weird on every level I can remember wanting these very much. As it is, I might be more excited if it weren't utterly confusing -- of it I could in fact even ACCESS the userpic add-on page at the moment. We'll see.

So weak for icons. -__-'

+ Hipster Who will not be back in my life until tomorrow; sadtimes. In the meantime, via [personal profile] everysecondtuesday, a Doctor Who primer. Because so many people are jumping into Who for the first time, and there's a lot of canon! As someone who's just been dipping in and out of New Who for the past four or five years, it's v. helpful to me.

Just in time for Daleks tomorrow, no?

+++ Poll: I've been thinking about all the posts I've been planning to do and telling people I'm going to do, but haven't ever done because I am a) lazy, b) not all that confident in my ability to meta coherently, and c) lazy. But I will never get better at being coherent if I never try! I figure I'll put it to you guys because I can't do them all and ... I felt like making a poll! (bear with me while I recreate it for LJ because I'm pretty sure it will not crosspost; also, I haven't done a poll on DW before so who knows if even that will work! eta: it works! But I had to crosspost manually.)

poll beneath the cut! )
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+ JK Rowling has The Single Mother's Manifesto; remains awesome while doing so.

Nobody who has ever experienced the reality of poverty could say “it’s not the money, it’s the message”. When your flat has been broken into, and you cannot afford a locksmith, it is the money. When you are two pence short of a tin of baked beans, and your child is hungry, it is the money. When you find yourself contemplating shoplifting to get nappies, it is the money. If Mr Cameron’s only practical advice to women living in poverty, the sole carers of their children, is “get married, and we’ll give you £150”, he reveals himself to be completely ignorant of their true situation.

+ Britney Spears releases photos of a recent photoshoot before and after airbrushing; win.

Some stuff wot I read recently:
+ Your Guide To Fandom Ships And New Characters That Interfere With Them by [ profile] obsession_inc
+ CNN Will Grind A Debate Out of Anything, Baby, ANYTHING from Wonkette - and you can actually read the comments!

+ Finally, my bb Jay Smooth continues to win at life and pwnage. "I don't judge people for being ignorant, but I do judge people for being arrogant about their ignorance."

I about died at 2:05. Who says there's no use for auto-tune?
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This is a bit of a test post, to see if the Dreamwidth link thing shows up at the bottom of my LJ posts. I've been crossposting for damn near a year now but for some reason I haven't been linking from LJ (I think I was afraid it would disable LJ comments or something, but nope). Anyway, it was easy, instructions are here. Thanks, [personal profile] sophinisba!


But while I'm here, some assorted things!

+++ Angel and her hair on the Merlin set. IT'S STARTING :D :D :D More photos here - but they do contain some character spoilers.

+++ Apparently, Matt Smith wrote fic about the Doctor to prepare himself for the role. As if I needed more hearts in my eyes.

I haven't watched the Confidentials yet, half-because I feel I will come away from them shipping Matt and Karen helplessly. Dunno why I'm resisting.

Meanwhile I've been working through my feelings on the most recent episode by making picspams and posting them to my tumblr. Not sure if I'm done yet; there were a lot of feelings. Loving Who again, you guys. Things is strange.

+++ Interesting discussion on 'Mary Sues' in fandom recently. I really like this post, and this one, which has links to other posts.

I'm pretty allergic to the term myself. But there's good discussion to be had.

what what

Apr. 6th, 2010 04:54 pm
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JKR might put out a new HP book in like ten years or something?

Look you guys, I'm not even going to pretend I won't be all over that if it happens (though maybe not if it's ten years from now, jeez.)

I'm a total sucker for it. Let's not get into how long I squeed that one time she wrote some James/Sirius shit on the back of a napkin.
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+ I just read about Amanda Palmer's latest fail (a bit late, yes). Ironic hipsters are going to be the death of me.

Instead of ranting against her, because she's only one famous person and this stuff happens all the time, I will just link to the [ profile] sparkymonster's post on the issue, because it's all about why calling the KKK 'ironic' in any context would make someone an asshole of the highest order, and it needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

+ In other news, I have so much respect for the staff over at Dreamwidth. I wish the LJ staff could be one tenth as mature when they get called out for things.

Most of you know this, but I do have a DW account; (feel free to add me there). I mostly use it to keep up with friends and communities there, and I crosspost from there to LJ because hell -- it's really easy to do. I'm not sure if I'll ever completely stop using LJ; there are still so many people and communities I follow there and I'm not annoyed with any of them even if I'm annoyed with the LJ staff a lot of the time. But I know a lot of youse are switching or have switched.

Anyway, this and a conversation I had with a friend this morning about Tumblr vs. LJ have got me thinking about e-relationships and social media and fannish drift. Or something.

Mostly inconsequential babble borne of a couple email convos )

+ In still more news, I bought a Kindle and it will be arriving today! I AM EXCITE. I've been wanting one for a while (I was going to go for a Nook but I got wary of the first-gen thing), and it's one of the few chunks of my tax return not going to bills or things that need to be replaced. Wheeeee.

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