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here we are now; entertain us.

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Birthdate:Nov 4, 1983
Location:United States of America
Website:my eljay self
twenty-something. USian. chromatic. fannish. liberal. scatterbrained. obssessed with music. bad driver. loves politics. studies microscopic things for a living. plays at writing. listens to her mother. remembers tiny details. forgets large details. fucking foul-mouthed. squee machine. crushes a lot.

merlin. that potter boy. being human. star trek. dollhouse. leverage. true blood. dexter. sga. bsg. supernatural. bones. legend of the seeker. bollywood. cold case. jossverse. law & order. american idol. so you think you can dance. [insert bravo reality series]. whatever else.

what's in here.
squee. fic. icons. tv, book, or movie reviews of dubious coherence. squee. politics. rants. things i care about. random linkspam. squee. occasional serious business. picspams. squee.

on friending.
some things are locked, most things aren't. feel free to add me at will; i usually add back if we've stuff in common or we've interacted elsewhere. some things here are R and NC17 rated, so bear ratings in mind.

and also, hi. :D

my stuff.

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