Mar. 23rd, 2010 04:03 pm
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I should not be allowed coffee at 3pm.

I should definitely not be allowed to make it myself when I ... do not really make coffee? Ever? I rarely even drink it. But it's not my fault the cafe across campus was out. (how can they be out of coffee the one time in like three months that i want coffee)

Anyway, I didn't put enough water in the tank and I used four scoops.

It's now 4pm and I am sort of vibrating.

BUT I am no longer sleepy.

The end.
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...but it's Friday, and at least I'm not nattering/rambling/squeeing/spamming about Merlin again for now?

Hat tip to [ profile] sellthelie:

Tassels. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

There. Don't we all feel better?

quick pimp

Oct. 2nd, 2009 09:23 pm
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Code jacked wholesale from [ profile] themadlurker.

Gwen/Morgana Kiss Meme

Based on the

Merlin/Arthur Kiss Meme

This one's for the girls.

*\o/* brb, writing a li'l something.
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[ profile] shantirosa is KILLING ME. She is watching Merlin right now AND I CAN'T and she is pinging me with vague noises about what she is seeing.



*moves to the UK*
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+ Actually, I can't, but you can thank [personal profile] such_heights for putting the song in my head. She did a Merlin vid yesterday that is epicness, go looky.

+ Mom's home from the hospital! It's mostly good, she feels okay and is in good spirits, but she's going to need to start seeing a cardiologist regularly. :/

+ I have so much to do. Went shopping earlier, which took up some time and I spent too much money, but I do have new shoes. Now I have to do some serious cleaning because this week has been crazy and I haven't had time, and tomorrow morning I'm going down to help straighten up Mom's house; she's having her physical therapist come by and wants things to be neat. And then [ profile] inell will be driving up (Yay!) and then we're meeting [ profile] seakisst and [ profile] bratkartoffel for a movie or something else that's fun. (Yay!)

+ MERLIN IN TWO DAYS. You have NO IDEA (okay so you may have some idea) HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THE NEW SEASON. All signs point to more of the girls, awesome new plots, plenty of slashy funtimes, MORE OF THE GIRLS, and basically my cracky show will be back in my life.


Would do some sort of spam to celebrate but it will prove FAR too diverting and others have already done epic picspams from the latest trailer - but here's the trailer anyway for those who haven't seen it yet or for those who want to see it again not that I've seen it fifteen times or anything:

two minutes of sheer gorgeousness and a couple of gifs under the cut )
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So either this is a very peculiar camera angle, or Joe Gordon-Levitt finds Leo DiCaprio's crotch fascinating.

idek, ya'll. Oh, Joe. ♥

...okay, I should go back to making banners now.
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I didn't watch the VMAs, but apparently I needn't have because Twitter has exploded with news, so, two things:

If anyone reading this plans to be within close proximity to Kanye West, could you please deliver him a swift kick to the junk? I mean, I'm not even sure I could identify a Taylor Swift song if I heard it on the radio, but what the actual hell.

If anyone reading this plans to be within close proximity to Beyonce, could you please deliver her a hug and some cookies for being a complete class act after winning Video of the Year and giving the mic to Taylor Swift so that she could give her rudely-interrupted acceptance speech?


Back to fic. AND GUYS. No work tomorrow. *\o/*
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Whoa, whoa, spoiler cuts, people.

I mean. I know we're all excited about all the new series that are premiering soon, and I am too, and my willpower is shit anyway even when I am trying to avoid spoilers, and it's not like people can't do whatever they want in their own journals, I know that, and like I said earlier, my scrollbar works and my fingers are quick...

...but seriously, cuts please? Especially when posting to communities? I mean. I'll do it for you guys, too.


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Guys, I know you've seen this on your f-lists 85 times already but I NEED TO GET THIS DOWN OKAY. Please to be indulging me.

gif and brief squee under the cut )
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Merlin friends, you should head over and check out the Party Post at [community profile] camelot_fleet on Dreamwidth! We seem to be making a weekly thing of it and it is multishippy funtimes.

Last week it was picspams; this week it's commentfic and music. Come leave prompts and recs and make new Merlin friends, yes? *g*

We have to do something whilst waiting for a True Blood upload.

If you don't have a Dreamwidth account I think I have a half-dozen extra codes on my hands, so just let me know. <3

*goes back to Hunith/Arthur ficlet* (OH CHILL, IT'S NOT LIKE THAT.)
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Know how to take one's mind off of fandom irritants?

SCIENCE, BBS. It doesn't wank. There are no sides. It just IS.


That right there is a molecule. Atom-by-atom, the first image ever taken of one. Look at those carbon rings, ya'll; do you have any idea how small it is? BECAUSE IT IS.


Hat-tip to [ profile] amphigory.

That's all.
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+ Sorry for the rant last night. Thanks for the hugs. ♥

+ It's Friday, Real-Life is being an annoying, money-sucking jackass at the moment, and I feel the need to post positive things, SO:

+ Inception trailer with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. To be honest it looks weird but could be awesome. It really matters not, because Joe is in it, therefore I will see it, and love it. *drools*

+ Not that it should be news to anyone, but Angel Coulby is hot. Why is EVERYONE in the Merlin cast so hot? (This is the reason why I was requesting watermark help yesterday, by the way.) Also, bonus crackfic bunnies in the comments.

+ It's reminding me that I really need to make that shallow obsessions picspam I've been planning.

+ There is an Uther/Morgana friending meme, and it is glorious. Musicspam, picspam, squee, GIFs, and new friends FTW. I love that ship. It's Anthony Head and Katie McGrath being hot and self-destructive and dark-and-twisty with each other. And Uther keeps the leather gloves on during sex, is all I'm saying.

+ Anyone have anything happy and random to share?

FYT, a gif. And a drabble for whoever can tell me what show or movie it came from (seriously, I don't know). It's Free Agent -- thanks, [ profile] luisadeza. *g*

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(What is that, anyway; when did that happen? Why are we deliberately misspelling stuff? It's Science Fiction, not Cheez Whiz.)

Anyway, I'm watching SyFy at the moment, and is there anyone who WASN'T on Star Trek: TNG? I'm pretty sure I just saw a young version of Ashley Judd.

Also, Wesley Crusher was kind of adorable. And the visual effects are straight out of Pong. Bless. <3

That's all. Carry on.
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But I just saw this and think it's exceedingly cool.

""5min and 6sec after 4am on july 8th this year, the time & date will be 04:05:06 07/08/09. Such a consecutive sequence will never happen again."

Neat, innit?

(H/T to [ profile] likespring.)

ETA: Technically, this would happen again in a hundred years.

And it'd happen again in August, in countries where the day comes before the month. Actually, it might happen in quite a few combinations depending on how people arrange the dates in other parts of the world. *g*

And, consecutive numbers in general will happen again. Since as birdseyeview said, there's always 2010.

Still. Consecutiveness = cool. Somehow.



How are ya'll doing today? I haven't had much to say the last couple of days.
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But are there any vidders on my f-list? I can think of three of you off the top.

Imeem removing ALL user generated video and pictures on Tuesday, June 30, 2009.
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I would like to submit that Misha Collins quit Supernatural completely and just tweet all day.

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+ Happy Birthday to [ profile] emiime! <3 Hope you're having a great day.

+ I have been having intermittent problems with Gmail all day. *mutter*

+ The reboot fic continues to be extremely diverting. Between the kink meme and the drabble challenge, there are too many lovely nuggets to rec. So just go splash around. :D

+ I am avoiding thinking about some particularly stressful real-life financial crap at the moment, so please, allow me to spam ya'll with some JGL, y/y?

500 Days of Summer photo collage in which Joe and Zooey D. are gorgeous and I ship them like it's my job )

+ Hugs to everyone who needs them today.
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I'm now up to SGA ep 3x04 "Sateda" (why yes, you may get mildly spammed with this at random intervals as I work my way through the series; wot?). Anyway, just an awesome Team episode, I love the ensemble ones most of all. And RONON. ♥ Yay for character development.

I could not possibly love John Sheppard more. It's not surprising; it's why I love Harry Potter and Arthur Pendragon and Dean Winchester best of all. I fall for the guy who's sometimes an asshat but who's got his heart in the right place; who can't process his emotions and would rather not think about them. *g*

Anyway. John. Oh, John. To wit:

youtube evidence and spoilers beneath the cut )


Apr. 8th, 2009 09:48 pm
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Still watching SGA. Up to episode 1x10.

Needs gen fic that has Zelenka and McKay geeking out, plzkthnx.

Even better, needs Big Bang Theory/SGA crossover with Sheldon-McKay.

I AM writing exchange stuff -- no, srsly.
heathershaped: (JGL: with Zooey) I will pass along this vid I just watched in which Joe Gordon-Levitt is a ginormous dork whilst answering questions about his new movie, 500 Days of Summer.

under the cut )

It's about five minutes long, so for tl;dw folks, the best part is at 1:03. To wit:

Guy in Audience: "What was it like kissing Zooey (Deschanel)?"

Joe: "Soft." (bolding and emphasis totally Joe's, not mine)

Oh. Oh, I BET it was.

♥ Back to attempting to write.

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