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+ So Google's homepage is awesome today:

Martha Graham! And earlier this week it was Mr. Men. Four for you, Google.

+ Last night I read Thor: The Mighty Avenger and it is the best superhero comic in existence. I feel like I can say that because I have read every superhero comic in existence. But no, really, pick it up, it's sweet and adorable and Thor and Jane are my FAVORITES.

I've also acquired Morning Glories, which I found out about on tumblr and haven't read yet, but I'm wondering if it will fill the Runaways-shaped hole in my life.

+ But I really want to talk about The Good Wife.

spoilers don't have to confide in anyone )
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...and learn all about the pitfalls of serials that switch teams a lot. And I mean a LOT.

I've also finally made sense of the numbering and the arcs and how they seem to have been grouped into three volumes after the fact. Last I posted, I was in the middle of the "Parental Guidance" arc, so two arcs before Whedon's run starts and right before shit got very real. Now, I'm finished reading the whole thing.

I have many feelings, not all of them good, and I think I'll go era-to-era.

Brian K Vaughan era: 'Pride & Joy' through 'Live Fast' )

I read that Vaughan chose to leave Runaways while it was still at the top of its game. Maybe a good decision creatively for him, but ultimately kind of disastrous for Runaways as a series.

Joss Whedon's era: 'Dead End Kids' )It wasn't until after Whedon's run that I stopped feeling like I was reading a great YA novel, and started feeling like I was watching a cartoon series.

Terry Moore's era: 'Dead Wrong' and 'Rock Zombies' )

Kathyrn Immonen's era: 'Mollifest Destiny'- 'Homeschooling' )

Whew, long post is long! Ultimately I would recommend Runaways to anyone, though it does get a little disappointing after Whedon's run. The characters Vaughan created left a lasting impression with me; I wish there were tons of fic to read. And I still want icons.

Can't wait to read Y: The Last Man, which is Vaughan from start to finish. ♥

After that I might put my comics binge on hold to read the Hunger Games trilogy, which peeps on my f-list keep talking about.
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I'm actually going to be brief about True Blood this time instead of just saying I'm going to be brief and then rambling, haha. Because I want to talk about two other thingies!

True Blood 3x10 )

Mad Men 4x05 )

Finally, I'm about halfway finished reading Runaways. LOVE. general non-spoilery thoughts )

spoilery thoughts through 2x15 )


Aug. 17th, 2010 01:10 pm
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Not top five things - I'M WORKING ON IT - but things!

+ [livejournal.com profile] femgenficathon's master list is up! I love this fest every year; it always turns out some rare and wonderful stuff. Check it out! More than 70 stories in 40 fandoms.

+ Writers' Round Table at [community profile] camelot_fleet. I love that post and have bookmarked it because it's full of tips and tools for writing all sorts of fic. The ever-awesome [personal profile] briar_pipe is adding new topics every day through Saturday and it's still hopping, so give it a read! It's turning into a great resource. I'm so proud of the Fleet, and even though I'm co-mod, I wish I could take credit for the wonderful and unique sorts of things we get up to over there. *hearts Mei, Brains Of The Operation (tm)*

+ Mad Men was fantastic this week and True Blood is INSANE. I don't really have time to review either of them right now, though. *g*

+ Kickoff party at [livejournal.com profile] onceandfutures got over 1300 comments because people are CRAZY. ♥ But no, I'm really excited about it, I want it to be an open and inviting place for people to frolic, and also have some good discussions hopefully. It'll be funtimes.

+ I've been on a bit of a comics binge after finishing Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and wanting as radical a change of pace as possible. I started reading Runaways and so far, it is the comic of my SOUL. Next on my list (and my hard drive, haha) - Y The Last Man. If anyone has recs for other comics/graphic novels, hit me! (ETA: some FANTASTIC recs in the comments lookit)

+ Finally, Mark Reads Harry Potter, chapter by chapter, and he's never read it before. He's on GoF now and there is much hilarity. Sometimes I really, really miss that series.

Hope everyone's having a good one! ♥

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