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I have watched this three times.

No regrets.

I haven't said anything about X-Men: First Class really -- I wasn't intending to see it but the friend I was with didn't want to see Super 8, so. As a longtime X-Men fan it was really exciting (seriously, Charles/Erik's one of my o.g. OTPs and [personal profile] selenak reviews some of the cool things about it). But it was also frustrating, enough for me not to want to recommend this movie, because it should've been the best film in the franchise but is easily the WORST when it comes to how the women and PoCs fared. Not to mention the erasure of Mystique's queerness, much as I enjoyed her arc.

Particularly disappointing for me because the X-Men franchise prides itself on being an allegory for oppressed groups in the real world, and I think that's part of what draws so many fans to it. Which is problematic enough, but to try to do that and then proceed to erase, exploit, and marginalize the actual minorities in the film ... gives me a headache. (here's a fantastic roundup of the things that bugged me most, and as always, rawles' commentary is the greatest.)

I'm also sick of love stories that don't get to be actual love stories--and if Charles and Erik aren't that, then I don't know what is. Beautifully rendered and acted but frustrating.

Also: McAvoy can make me like Charles even at his most arrogant and oblivious points in the film, so that was cool. Fassbender's face creeps me out generally (too. many. teeth.), but not as Magneto, so that was fine.
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So many of you will have read about this handy flowchart, courtesy of Overthinkingit.com, all about female characters and how to avoid turning them into stereotypes. SPOILER ALERT, basically every female character ever is a stereotype, there's only one way to be a strong female character, and if a woman embodies a single trope, she is doomed to be completely worthless and not worth anyone's time, no matter the context, no matter who she is, no matter what she's done. No matter how few of these narratives are geared towards them to begin with; no matter how much THAT is the actual problem here.

Also there are real women on this flowchart too, along with the fictional ones! Being reduced, to tropes. REAL WOMEN. And... this is supposed to be good! This is supposed to be confronting misogyny so that it can be avoided in the future. Because the best way to combat sexism and the oft two-dimensional portrayals of women in fiction (AND IN ...REAL LIFE APPARENTLY???!!) is to make a big-ass chart about how all these bitches ain't shit.

Every time I look at the flowchart I get so angry! So many characters reduced to bare-bones tropes and deemed worthless! Ellen Ripley, Nyota Uhura, Faye Valentine, I could go on! The longer I stare at it, the more fail I find; it's ... it's full fractal fail! It is fail at every conceivable level of resolution! Zooming in on any single aspect of the fail reveals just as much fail as the entity of the whole fail!

And I just hate it SO. MUCH, it, it -- flames. Flames. Flames? FLAMES. ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE.

Heaving breaths, etc.

So I really just wanted to compile a linkspam of things I have seen or read on my f-list, on tumblr, and otherwise that help me to deal with my sudden-onset anger management issues upon looking at that flowchart. Because people have been very eloquent and wonderful, and most importantly coherent, about this in a way I am not managing to be, on account of the flames.


+ Dear Yoko Ono: you shouldn't even be here by [personal profile] bossymarmalade. (Warning: reading this post may induce an urge to send the OP flowers.)
+ [livejournal.com profile] rawles and [livejournal.com profile] mekosuchinae laying the smackdown over on Tumblr
+ more pwnage by [livejournal.com profile] mekosuchinae
+ How can we write when our tropes are burning? by [livejournal.com profile] tielan
+ Feminism, and how I thought we'd been over this already by [personal profile] havocthecat (full of more links of awesome!)
+ FEMALE GIF PARTY at [livejournal.com profile] irony_rocks' journal - go leave some gifspam! I've been right-click-saving like a mofo.
+ How to be a nuanced male character by [personal profile] dagas_isa

And, now seems to be a good time to pimp the Bechdel Test comment ficathon!

Whew. I feel better already.

's all I got for now! I have some thoughts on Glee, The Good Wife, and Sons of Anarchy, but those are for another post, I think.

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