Jan. 13th, 2011

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Right so, David Fincher. And how much of an asshole he is:

“I love Max Minghella. He came to us, uh, he obviously came to read for another part, and we had read enormous— probably a hundred— Indian actors who came in to read for Divya, and I saw footage of the actual Divya Narendra, who I’ve met now and he’s kind of like Warren Beatty. There’s nothing, aside from being incredibly tan, there’s almost nothing that seems particularly ethnic about him…. and we couldn’t find somebody who had that sort of smoothness. I looked, I looked, I looked. We went to London, we went to, I think, Paris, we went to Montreal. We cast from everywhere. And finally in the end I just felt that Max had the most, kind of… [trails off]. I just wanted to make sure that Divya was an equal. He was the most important third wheel in this triumvirate.”

That's from the DVD commentary for The Social Network. Fincher's talking about the fact he didn't cast an Indian actor for the RL person called Divya Narendra who is the American-born son of two doctors from India.

Do I even need to--

Divya Narendra is kind of like Warren Beatty who is white which means ...what, it's totally kewl not to bother casting an Indian actor because he doesn't seem to fit Mr. Fincher's idea of Indian dudes despite the fact that he is in fact Indian? And aside from minor details like his dark skin and visibly Indian features he doesn't seem "ethnic" to Mr. Fincher? And he couldn't find someone who had that "smoothness" that ...what, only white actors can bring to a role? And he wanted to make sure Divya was an "equal" because... what, he couldn't be unless he was white? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING, MR. FINCHER. Especially considering you needed a crazy slutty Asian girlfriend and had no trouble finding Brenda Song for that.

Honestly this is just one line in a litany of things I hold against The Social Network and everything it chooses to be and no, TUMBLR, I didn't know about this until the commentary came out and that's why I didn't say anything before now SORRY I HADN'T REALISED THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS HAD RUN OUT. Fandom's (and it's not even any one fandom) defensiveness over this type of shit is tiring, tiring. I don't actually care how wonderful Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg and Trent Reznor and whoever cinematographer are, either. And I don't care that this is being marketed as the Movie Of Our Generation that I'll supposedly show to my kids so they can know that these unlikeable rich white dudes were the ones who shaped their world while everyone else was either missing or in the background. Naked.

Today [livejournal.com profile] rawles made the fantastic point that we need to stop calling these films good. Because they are not in fact good. And the idea that if people would just step back and be ~objective~ and focus on the most "important" things like acting or directing or anything but those subjective annoying social justice issues, they would accept that these films are still good is wrongheaded and insulting.

That doesn't mean that people aren't allowed to love bad things. I love bad things. It's nigh impossible not to love a bad thing and compartmentalize because so many, many things are bad and everyone's threshold for badness is different. The closest thing I have to a primary fandom right now is Merlin, for chrissakes, and people, MERLIN IS BAD. It does a few things that interest me and even make me happy, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a sexist, poorly written, BAD SHOW that I was basically Stockholm'd into by Angel Coulby. But I could make a list as long as my forearm of bad shows that I like.

It is all right to talk about these things. It's not wank to talk about these things. And no fandom, no fandom, is BETTER or safer for NOT talking or even arguing about these things.

UGH I don't know y'all. I'm just mad this morning. I'm going to try to make a post about things that make me happy later, and then I'm going to make things for [community profile] halfamoon because that will make me happy. And idk, idk.

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