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good is better than perfect

How're you all? Livejournal is slow as I don't know what since the downtime. Meh.

+ I did watch Merlin, I will make a post I think, but after the second ep of the two-parter has aired. In the rare event anyone was wondering where my Merls posts have got to this year.

+ So yesterday I went on a mild rampage on tumblr about my dislike of the word "girlcrush" (similar to my dislike of the word "bromance" as a more socially acceptable way to say "no homo") and it was fairly satisfying in itself BUT THEN Jasika Nicole (Astrid on Fringe) messaged me to say that I am her fave person to read on tumblr and that she has a crush on my brain.



So I'm basically going to be starstruck for DAYS, not helped by Lex and 3M making portmanteaus out of our tumblr URLs. (the consensus appears to be 'squintyourbooty'). I can't even. The dream is collapsing.

+ I'm so mad at Netflix right now. I put a hold on my account so I wouldn't be billed for anything (in exchange for not being able to watch anything) until November, but yesterday I noticed that they yanked seventeen bucks out of my account anyway. I need to call them and get that money back and then cancel their asses altogether. I wouldn't even be so upset if it wasn't literally scraping the bottom of my bank account at the moment. (automatic debits are SCARY, ugh). But yeah, I was willing to stick with Netflix instant watch even after their recent shenanigans but this is too much. Why is instant watch so alluring, why.

+ What're people listening to lately? I haven't been good at finding new stuff the last few months.
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That is incredibly awesome, although ..."sugarbooty"?

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I didn't realize that was Jasika Nicole when I saw it. Holy crap, that's awesome!
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Also, &hearts!