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tee vee dee

Ohhhhhh, that was good.

+ BONNIE'S BACK. For how long is anyone's guess of course but YAY, I loved how much of this episode focused on the girls' relationships with each other. Bonnie/Elena reconnecting was awesome (and gorgeous). I never get tired of how well they click with each other despite how far apart they are on so many issues. They're both willing to work to maintain that relationship and it's pretty much amazing. It makes sense that Bonnie's feeling like she's losing Elena as well as Caroline, and I like how it's harder for her to distance herself the way she tried to when she first got back, after her grams died.

I also like that Damon knew to use her concern for Elena to sway her into helping them.

What I definitely didn't expect was Bonnie/Caroline progress, but I should've known better. EEEEE GIRLS. They were so tense/awk but they were talking and it's so clear how much they care about each other, mutually. Also, Caroline's little gleeface when Bonnie said she wanted her to come along (and what a big step for her). WORK IT OUT, KIDS.

Then, then, a scene of all three girls working together to help Stefan. EEEEEEEE.

+ STEFAN/ELENA NEARLY HAD ME IN TEARS. I mean yes, it was inevitable that Katherine would catch onto their game sooner than later, and of course this is TVD so it happened sooner. Annnd I know this isn't the first time they've broken up. WHATEVER I STILL ATE IT UP, Stefan's tears and Elena's tears and this


But they'll be all right. *nod*

+ Can we talk about how upset I am that Damon and Bonnie may never make out even though they really really need to make out? AUUUUUUUUGH. The thing is, you guys don't understand how much I hate relationships where the two people involved argue a lot and bicker to mask sexual tension, so why do I like them so much?? I think because the reasons are so deep and real and not-cliched; it's not just that they rub each other the wrong way or that their personalities don't mesh. It's that Bonnie is legit not sure why she hasn't killed him yet, something to do with Elena and Stefan and friendship or whatever, but seriously. She's not fucking around. And Damon knows it, knows how formidable she is, and finds it frustrating, taunts her for being judgmental, but wants her respect. That moment where he thanks her as she's leaving the library, augh.

I also find them similar (in a mirror-image way -- as in, Bonnie for the right reasons, Damon for the wrong ones), despite Bonnie's lack of sociopathic tendencies. They're both so much more hardcore than Stefan and Elena, both willing to go to dark places to protect Stefan and Elena and anyone they love respectively, whether they're aware or not that it might twist them up inside. And they both channel emotions like grief, guilt and rage in dangerous ways sometimes.

ANYWAY THESE ARE REALLY ALL JUST EXCUSES FOR HOW MUCH I WANT THEM TO BONE OK. Or at least have more scenes. She can kill him with her brain and it's hot. I know it's wrong, I can't explain myself, let's move on.

+ Aw Mason, I knew you were not long for this world. But the scene where Damon takes him out was jarring and effectively-done. Poor dude.

+ Why isn't Jenna in on things? Seriously. She's surrounded by danger and is blissfully unaware. What happened to her was preventable; Katherine should never have been able to get to her so easily. If there's one thing about Elena that frustrates me, it's these sorts of decisions, both with Jeremy and Jenna. And I have to blame Alaric a little too now that he's involved with her. She deserves to know what's happening and what she can do to prevent it.

+ Speaking of Jeremy, awwwww, buddy. ♥ Speaking of Alaric, he looks way too adorable with floppy hair.

+ CAROLINE AND HER MOM BROKE ME. I love how this storyline's let Caroline grow so much, and watching her compel her mother made me legit teary. You could tell how much she wanted to keep her, and the whole speech.... gah.

Dass it! My fave ep of the season so far.

I will do more meme answers later! You guys always give me a workout when I do memes. ♥
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Oh, I LOVED this episode, and your review *g* -- the Bonnie was a pure delight -- they put her on screen with Damon and I am really glad that she's not so isolated anymore.
Caroline and her mom - they broke my heart, as did Elena and Stefan, oh my.
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Caroline's scene with her mom was my favorite part of that episode, but it was very well done all over. Yay Bonnie is back in the fold!