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I plan to stan/campaign for Gwen, Astrid (is Fringe getting a bracket idek), and Bonnie at first, mostly because I do not suspect any of them will make it past the prelims, so this'll be my only shot. Also you can generally expect to see me stanning the ladies and marginalized chars throughout 'cos that's how I roll.

Also, hellooo everybody. <3 Happy March! I'm gonna try to be around more!

+ TV:

- Excited about Game of Thrones. I'm 2/3 of the way through the first book now.
- Starz' Camelot: Tried it! loooooool... no. I'm sorry! I am sorry. But haha, no. ~*~say my name~*~~~~
- Being Human: currently three episodes behind. Not really in a rush to catch up.
- Vampire Diaries: Is on notice.
- Merlin: Filming in two weeks! I miss the kids, I really do. ♥

+ The Oscars were super-predictable. But David Fincher didn't win! *\o/* And James Franco is probably still high.

+ For the most part I missed the anon meme debate in Merlin fandom. Probably a good thing I missed it, from what I've been reading, but for the record you can count me in the "the meme is overwhelmingly and inexcusably gross, forever and ever amen" camp. I feel like once it becomes necessary to disclaim that "all you have to do is skim past the racism/sexism/personal attacks/appearance wank/bullying and it's an AWESOME PLACE", then it might be gross! I'm just saying, I'm just saying.

+ I did my taxes last week, and all looks good. I might have some extra cash to splurge on something. Think it might be an iPad. Tomorrow is the iPad 2 presentation so we'll see how many major changes there are. I always freak out about big purchases, particularly when they're things I don't... well, actually need. (Like an irl PADD for example.)

+ This post has no point whatsoever. But I got a lot of sleep last night, I actually have energy. Love you guys, back to work. ♥

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