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+ I finally watched the Mad Men finale. spoilers )

As for Betty, she remains compelling and difficult to watch and I love her sfm. I don't agree with people saying that she's been ruined or that she's over-the-top or out of character, or even that she's being vilified. She's being exactly who she's always been, and for a reason. I read something on Tiger Beatdown (via tumblr) last night that was so on-point it made me cry: No One's Ever On Your Side: Betty Draper-Francis Still Needs Your Love. (There's some discussion of cycles of abuse that may be triggery.)

We all said we wanted Betty to get in touch with her anger, but we expected that anger to look admirable and positive and feminist. We didn’t consider that it might just be anger. That she might just not bother to think about how she was serving the world or women or the audience when she finally got to the point of rage.

I still think hers is one of the most relentlessly feminist portrayals on television.

+ I was going to put more stuff in this post, but nah. Might have a linkspam later though. :D
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Hodgepodge of a post!

+ [personal profile] camelotremix has gone live this morning! MY GIFT IS AWESOME: First Up Against the Wall (the grease and diesel oil remix), it's Gwen/Morgana, modern AU, a remix of this little smutlet I wrote at a Fleet party called Grease-Stained? I'm kind of flailing that someone's made something so wonderful from it. The author's basically turned it into a scene from a longer fic; it has mechanic!Gwen, cute hot Gwen/Morgana-ness, mechanic!Gwen, a great supporting cast, mechanic!Gwen, touches on class issues, and also mechanic!Gwen. IT IS THE GREATEST.

I wrote one too obviously! But I can't say which one until sometime next week, I believe. (I imagine mine is super-easy to guess, for better or worse, but OH WELL. *g*) Hopefully my recipient is as happy with her gift as I am with mine. I have some vagueish ideas who might have written mine, but I'm not sure. Anyway, check it out; there are 31 fics, four of them Gwen/Morgana even!

+ There was some TV I was going to talk about! I'll be brief, and I'll go in order of my reactions, from 'BEST' to 'mixed' to 'what the actual fuck', shall I?

+ The Good Wife )

+ Glee )

+ Sons of Anarchy )
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I have a fic to finish so I don't have time to make a bunch of gifs this week - anyway, the only relevant one was already made last week, amirite.

It's just as well, as this episode was not a cracky one.

spoilers and some questions )
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+ Thank you so much to whomever did this! Seriously. The anonymous love meme is great and you should all nom people and check out the index because there's tons of names to love on.

Now, while I'm here, some stuff:

- [livejournal.com profile] mrinalinee on why Outsourced is actually the worst. WORRRRRST.

- Mostly inspired by you guys, I'm thinking of doing a thirty day female characters picspam meme on here and tumblr. Can I actually stick to it and finish it? WE SHALL SEE.

- speaking of female characters, there are very few to speak of in The Social Network. That is why I don't really care about it, Sorkin or no Sorkin. Not because it's the "Facebook Movie" (though I do hate Facebook), not because I am being a Cool Kid who's ~above it all~, but because I'm broke and don't have the extra money to spend on a narrative about affluent white boys and their lives, one that is supposed to ~define my generation~ as a Y-er, but in which I see no evidence of anything relating to my actual experiences. Maybe later, I will rent it. *kanye shrug*

- that last point was for you, Tumblr.

- I do love the soundtrack, though.

- [community profile] undercovers! I love that show you guys; it reminds me of shows like Leverage in terms of adorableness. I watch ach week completely blown away by Gugu Mbatha-Raw's face. If it gets cancelled I shall never recover.

- I am also watching Nikita. Which is actually not terrible, if you ignore the improbable plot and Shane West, whom I can't take seriously. And it's a shame because he really really wants me to take him seriously, you can tell by his Serious Face. [personal profile] glass_icarus likes to call his permanent expression that of a grumpy teddy bear, and I think that fits. HOWEVER, Nikita is great, Alex is great, and I'm two eps behind but looking forward to catching up.

- I was going to review TVD, but it wasn't my favorite episode in a lot of ways, and also I am lazy.

- I'm in a weird mood. kind of grumpy, but very hyper as I've had sugar. That might explain this mess of a post.

- ...that's about it. Happy Monday errbody. ♥ How you doin', say hey if you want!
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spoilers?? whatever nothing even happened )
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Merls 3x02! Well, that was better.

spoilers )
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+ True Blood has sucked so much this season, haha. What even was that finale. quick spoiler )

+ Haven't seen Mad Men 4x08 yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

+ Watched the Nikita pilot yesterday. I am so down. The writing was so-so (loads of introductory expo-dumping) but Maggie is amazing and it's got loads of potential. That said? lol, Shane West.

+ Did NOT watch the VMA's (tumblr kept me abreast of the happenings). LOL at more Kanye/Taylor drama. Are we done weeping over that girl yet? *kanye shrug* I'll probably catch Kanye's and Florence and the Machine's performances on YT later, but no interest in anything else.

+ I don't think I posted about Vampire Diaries 2x01. AMAYSING. Would not even know where to start. ALL OF IT WAS ACES. ESPECIALLY KATHERINE AND BONNIE, oh my god. Quick rec: [livejournal.com profile] sarahtales on why TVD is the greatest.

+ Kind of looking back on the Merlin premiere with mild irritation atm. Maybe I'll feel better after Saturday's episode.
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Which is just a figure of speech; all is not in fact right. But YAY NEW EPISODE.

Spoilers don't think with their swords )
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+ I haven't posted in a bit, hi hi! Miss you guys - I've kind of sucked at commenting the past couple weeks except here and there, but I'm reading along. It's getting impossible to keep up with my reading list without filtering out the communities entirely. Sometimes I go days just reading the journals filter, so I know I miss a lot of community posts. I should remove them, but every time I start to, I hesitate. WHAT IF I NEED THEM. I did remove most of the Inception comms the other day. I never click on anything anymore; I usually seek out fic recs on delicious or similar (or you guys, haha) when I want to read something. THAT WAS A SHORT FANDOM. Fortunately I am still in the fandom of following JGL wherever he goes. That one's still going strong.

+ I am on tumblr quite a bit though, so feel free to hit me up there!

+ I think I'm going to need my passport in December, and I can't find it. fffuuuuuuUUUuuuu. There should be time to replace it, but that shit costs about $140. brb turning my house over again.

+ Have to dog-sit for a week starting this weekend. Guys I really miss my dog. :(

+ I have read nary a Big Bang fic yet. :/ I will get to them! Plan on dumping them on my Kindle and starting this weekend, hopefully. I've heard many good things.

+ Sons of Anarchy is back! And Mad Men is in full swing, and so brilliant this season I can't even handle it sometimes.

+ New Vampire Diaries tonight! And Nikita, which I'm quite curious about. I love a lot of Brit shows but you gotta love American network TV for the short wait between seasons. Feels like the last season just ended. Anyway, looking forward to those, and Community, Fringe, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Undercovers, The Walking Dead... lots of stuff, basically. And Merlin starts on Saturday! FINALLY. I need Pendragons and Mor/Mor back in my life. I imagine I'll start posting about Merlin a lot starting this weekend.

What's everyone looking forward to watching?
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I'm actually going to be brief about True Blood this time instead of just saying I'm going to be brief and then rambling, haha. Because I want to talk about two other thingies!

True Blood 3x10 )

Mad Men 4x05 )

Finally, I'm about halfway finished reading Runaways. LOVE. general non-spoilery thoughts )

spoilery thoughts through 2x15 )


Aug. 17th, 2010 01:10 pm
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Not top five things - I'M WORKING ON IT - but things!

+ [livejournal.com profile] femgenficathon's master list is up! I love this fest every year; it always turns out some rare and wonderful stuff. Check it out! More than 70 stories in 40 fandoms.

+ Writers' Round Table at [community profile] camelot_fleet. I love that post and have bookmarked it because it's full of tips and tools for writing all sorts of fic. The ever-awesome [personal profile] briar_pipe is adding new topics every day through Saturday and it's still hopping, so give it a read! It's turning into a great resource. I'm so proud of the Fleet, and even though I'm co-mod, I wish I could take credit for the wonderful and unique sorts of things we get up to over there. *hearts Mei, Brains Of The Operation (tm)*

+ Mad Men was fantastic this week and True Blood is INSANE. I don't really have time to review either of them right now, though. *g*

+ Kickoff party at [livejournal.com profile] onceandfutures got over 1300 comments because people are CRAZY. ♥ But no, I'm really excited about it, I want it to be an open and inviting place for people to frolic, and also have some good discussions hopefully. It'll be funtimes.

+ I've been on a bit of a comics binge after finishing Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and wanting as radical a change of pace as possible. I started reading Runaways and so far, it is the comic of my SOUL. Next on my list (and my hard drive, haha) - Y The Last Man. If anyone has recs for other comics/graphic novels, hit me! (ETA: some FANTASTIC recs in the comments lookit)

+ Finally, Mark Reads Harry Potter, chapter by chapter, and he's never read it before. He's on GoF now and there is much hilarity. Sometimes I really, really miss that series.

Hope everyone's having a good one! ♥
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I watched Mad Men last night but find I don't have much to say about it, really. It was slow and heavy on the Don. Good Joannie stuff, though. I think I'll rewatch later in the week or something.

For now, some quick points on True Blood; I actually really liked this ep overall even though I didn't like everything about it.
True Blood 3x08 )
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So I caught Sherlock yesterday, being a fan of Moffat's writing on Who I had to give it a shot. I generally really like the series - I think the cinematography is great, the performances are stellar, the dynamic between John and Sherlock is pitch perfect, and the writing and dialogue are good. So yeah, I really do like it overall. There are a few things stopping me from loving it, though.

Sherlock parts 1 and 2, mostly concerning marginalized character representation )

True Blood remains crazy but there were some definite bright spots for me this week.True Blood 3x07 )

Finally, Mad Men 4x02 )
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So Mad Men is back, and this week's True Blood was the first of the season to have me actually looking forward to next week. WHEE.

true blood 3x06 spoilers )

Mad Men 4x01 spoilers )


Jun. 28th, 2010 09:52 am
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Thing is, I would review last night's True Blood but I'm still trying to un-see that last scene.
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In which I belatedly expand on those exclamation points, after spamming the frak out of tumblr:

spoilers )

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